The Ladies Of Mass Effect Cosplayed Out Of This Galaxy

Photographer Darrell, aka BGZ Studios, has collected some of the best Mass Effect cosplayers around and shot them, with wonderful results.

BGZ Studios [Blog, via Rampaged Reality]


    That last one looks like a full body dipper...

    The Miranda ones are hot.

    Man, look at the detailed work on those suits!

    Very impressive.


    We have Tali, but it's still pointless without Garrus.

    If this was really Mass Effect then there would be more ass shots.

    A cosplay article that wasn't published by Ashcraft?

    Is this real life?

      Or is this just fantasy?

        Caught in a landslide

          No escape from reality.

            Pappa loves Mambo!
            Mamma loves Mambo!



                Best response chain ever

    last one is a bit herpa derp

      Very herp a derp.

      And speaking of, what's with the random photo of the sky and a moon?

        Obviously someone decided to cosplay as the moon.....did a pretty good job of it too

        It's due to the continued Kotaku image formatting problems. There's actually a bunch of ME people underneath it. If you go to the original blog post linked in the article you can see the full pics.

      I saw that last one some where else, Geek Tyrant I think, her costume and makeup is amazing, that's a really, really crap photo.

      In fact all these images fall into the 'meh' category compared to some of the Mass Effect cosplays out there.

    The Miranda ones are fucking awesome.

    Hello Miranda, makes want to play ME2 again. HURRY UP PART 3!!!!!!

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