The Many Ways To Stay Alive In I Am Alive

Ubisoft's "Encounters" trailer for I Am Alive has what seems to be the protagonist giving advice on life in a dog-eat-dog world. "People more than dust are the most dangerous thing you're going to encounter," and the ways to deal with them are numerous.

I Am Alive clearly rewards players for the use of cunning over brawn, as even an empty gun intimidates a trio of machete-wielders into backing down. The bow offers a deadly and silent alternative with recyclable ammo, though you probably can't do much bluffing with an empty one: "Dude… there's just no arrow there."

Be sure to check out the positive impressions of the game from our own Kirk Hamilton.


    I'm getting more interested in this title the more I see of it. Looks good so far!

      Wish it was on PC ):

        It's Ubisoft, you don't wish that at all.

    I am interested. Would be lovely to have a brand spankin' new IP to play this year...

    Holy crap this looks awesome!!! :D

    wow, this actually looks pretty damn cool, sort of what Metro 2033 could have been.

    I'll be waiting with baited breath

    Yes, looking like a great survivalist game so far. I think this may have just jumped up on everyone's radar because it's looking more nuanced and deep from the action/adventure junk we are always getting.

    I'm playing through Penumbra thinking how much more exciting games are when you're defenceless and have to rely on stealth and cunning. To think that developers have to rely on more over the top explosions to get our juices flowing makes me realise how much we need more games that concentrate on the small moments.

    I just frosted my undies. Hopefully this should scratch my dystopian itch!

    PEGI 18? I wonder if this will get RC'd

    Not the best Title I've heard off. But certainly looks interesting! The bluffing with a bullet reminds me of the "One in the Chamber" days in Black Ops.

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