The Muppets Look Great In LittleBigPlanet 2

This Wednesday, LittleBigPlanet 2 gets its most interesting update in months, when The Muppets come to Media Molecule's PS3 exclusive.

For USD$6/€6/£4.80.UD$9.95 you'll get all kinds of stuff like stickers, new levels, etc, but strangely the official description lists only a Rowlf costume for Sackboy, and not the others seen starring in the video.

Media Molecule, you wouldn't show Statler and Waldorf and then keep them from us, would you?


    I think the other costumes, Animal etc, have been available for a little while now.

      Yup. They have been, and they are pretty BOSS!

    Is that supposed to be AUD$9.95? If so, i guess the obligatory Aussie Tax (compared to US$6) strikes again :|

    OMG My son and I are muppet tragics... I guess we're busting out LBP2 again!!!

    Awesome! I'll be getting this!!

    Way too much cute.

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