The Old Republic's First Major Update Adds Raid, New Bosses

"Kaon Under Siege" a level 50 flashpoint — a smaller raid limited to a group of four — has been added to the game. Four bosses also have been added to "Karagga's Palace", which is an Operation or full-fledged raid.

Bug fixes, changes to the open world PvP on Ilum and a new tier for level 50 PvP warzones have also been added. The bug fixes include making some inaccessible datacrons accessible and removing glitches that blocked some characters from advancing in a conversation.

Full patch notes at the link.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 1.1 [BioWare]


    Thank Dog for the level 50's PvP bracket finally being implemented.
    Facing fully geared level 50 players in a Warzone was ridiculous....

      I managed to take down a few when I wa 45, granted it was like getting the last shot on a boss monster the whole team had been pounding on but I managed it

    It should be noted that this is for the public test server, this patch will be the one they push out for everyone else the next time they do downtime

    Awesome! No more ganked repeatedly in Warzones by full tier level 50! Now I can actually LEARN how to PvP in a PvP arena!

    Why don't they work on a proper international release before doing other shit like this?

      Who says they aren't? Bioware have already stated that they're aiming for a March release for AU/NZ. It's not that hard to get it right now, if you want it.

      Regardless, the game is live, so bugfixes and new content is a completely reasonable use of dev time.

    i never really mind playing against level 50s just makes it more interesting 4-5 troopers on the otherhand...

    i didn't mind the level 50s being in my BG, thanks to the buff you get i found myself more or less on par with them.

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