The Old Republic’s First Major Update Adds Raid, New Bosses

The Old Republic’s First Major Update Adds Raid, New Bosses

“Kaon Under Siege” a level 50 flashpoint — a smaller raid limited to a group of four — has been added to the game. Four bosses also have been added to “Karagga’s Palace”, which is an Operation or full-fledged raid.

Bug fixes, changes to the open world PvP on Ilum and a new tier for level 50 PvP warzones have also been added. The bug fixes include making some inaccessible datacrons accessible and removing glitches that blocked some characters from advancing in a conversation.

Full patch notes at the link.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 1.1 [BioWare]


  • Thank Dog for the level 50’s PvP bracket finally being implemented.
    Facing fully geared level 50 players in a Warzone was ridiculous….

    • I managed to take down a few when I wa 45, granted it was like getting the last shot on a boss monster the whole team had been pounding on but I managed it

  • It should be noted that this is for the public test server, this patch will be the one they push out for everyone else the next time they do downtime

  • Awesome! No more ganked repeatedly in Warzones by full tier level 50! Now I can actually LEARN how to PvP in a PvP arena!

    • Who says they aren’t? Bioware have already stated that they’re aiming for a March release for AU/NZ. It’s not that hard to get it right now, if you want it.

      Regardless, the game is live, so bugfixes and new content is a completely reasonable use of dev time.

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