The PlayStation Vita Is Locked To AT&T

When Sony announced that they were teaming up with AT&T for the PlayStation Vita's 3G service, it was the only time I can remember at a major press conference when there were actual, audible boos.

And this is exactly why.

Turns out that the Vita is locked to AT&T sim cards, with The Verge reporting that "inserting a SIM from T-Mobile or an international carrier will not work".

America, you do a lot of things right, but your mobile phone carriers are the worst.

PlayStation Vita 3G is carrier-locked, says AT&T [The Verge]


    Those booo's were actually from AU when we found out that the PS Vita is locked to Vodafone over here ! !

      It's not. It just comes with a Voda sim in the box.

      It isn't you just get a Vodafail sim supplied. You can go to who ever & get a sim from them & use their data.

        Is there actual proof of that or is everyone just assuming?

      Personally I can't fault Vodafone too much, I use Vodafone with my iPad due to the ridiculously cheap prices in comparison with everywhere else and it's a lot better then what I was getting with Optus. Don't get me wrong, it's not flawless and Telstra is a hell of a lot better but for the price I don't think you can knock it.

        Umm, this...

    I don't get it. Turn phone (on a different network) into Wifi Hotspot, use the phone's internet connection, regardless of the network?

      I see that wil work, and would probably be what I would do, but it's not for everybody. Maybe they don't have a smart phone. Or they figure that the Skype capabilities of the PSV are sufficient that they don't always need to carry their phone. If the capability is there, there's going to be somebody out there who finds it perfect for their needs.

      Regardless, it sucks that the US guys have less choice with their carrier. Also sucks for anybody who was planning to import it from the US for cheaper than here!

    Interesting to see how this goes. I suspect it will pretty much kill the 3G model. People nearly abandoned the iPhone when it was locked to AT & T, and I don't think there's been another consumer device with its pull.

    I hope some bright spark finds a way to port Android to the Vita and turn it into a phone. It has the required hardware already.

    Not that it's necessary, it would just be kind of cool. And you would only have to carry a single device around.

      Where's George Hotz when you need him?

      Oh yeah... that's right...

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