The Sins Of The Naked Gun Are Visited Upon Frank Drebin's Son

White-haired action comedy hero Leslie Nielsen may have passed, but his legacy lives on in The Naked Gun: I.C.U.P., an episodic adventure series coming to iOS and Android devices in the next few months. Let's check out the first trailer, shall we?

Rather than spend the millions of dollars it would take to resurrect Nielsen to reprise his role as Lieutenant Frank Drebin, Gamecentric Media and Paramount wisely went in another direction. The new series stars Frank Drebin Jr., the prodigal son of the legendary Police Squad hero and member of the International Crime Unit Police. He'll be working with a crack team to take down an international crime organisation. Whacky hijinks will ensue.

Looking over the character roster for the game at its official website, it looks like Nordberg is the only character from the series to make a reappearance. Played by Peter Lupus in the original Police Squad! television series, in the films the role was taken over by O.J. Simpson, retired football player turned actor who's since gone on to make a killing in the private sector.

They've gotten Robert LoCash, the writer for The Naked Gun 33 1/3, handling the comedy, so hopefully the game series will be as entertaining as the lowest grossing film in the trilogy. Yay.

Get Your First Look at the Official ‘Naked Gun' Video Game [Flickcast]


    NOW I need an Android/IOS device. And I held out so long.


    This interests and concerns me simultaneously.

    The voice acting... Dear God! It's like we're back in the PSX era!

    "who’s since gone on to make a killing in the private sector."

    hahaha, well played.

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