The Version Of Minecraft You Wish You Had

Minecraft is not usually known for its impressive graphics and vibrant pallete of colours. Certainly the constructions I tried my hand at tended to be tall, singular pillars of... brownish greenish. This video shames me by showing off some of the most impressive structures that Minecraft can imitate, all set to a soaring soundtrack.

The mod showcased here is called Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders and it allows for a much more realistic look. It certainly shows the potential for Minecraft to reach beyond its current charming retro look.

The Beauty of Minecraft [YouTube]



    Excuse me while I get mu jaw off the floor.

    That's crazy. Who has that much time?

    I'm impressed that the Minecraft juggernaught is still rolling on.

    That is the version of minecraft everyone has and looks the same. All they are showing is some of the amazing creations people have created in what we all have access to.
    Oh and they have put a soft filter over the video just like Days of Our Lives.

      I recognised three texture packs quite easily, and many more that I know aren't the default one. The lighting seems different, which I assume is due to the shader pack.

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks quite horrible?


    Video is mostly camera tricks, smooth sweeping motion makes anything look better, but some stuff looked good.

    Video starts at 0:20 by the way.

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