The Very Best In Cosplay: Crystal Graziano

Continuing our series highlighting the very best cosplayers on planet Earth, this morning we're looking at Crystal Graziano, who unlike most other people in the field gets to put "professional cosplayer" on her tax return.

Having recently got Firefall developers Red 5 to fit the bill for her cosplaying efforts throughout 2012, Graziano should be able to come up with both costumes and shots that look even more amazing than the stuff she's managed so far.

Which, considering the quality of her costumes to date, should really be something.

Note that not all these shots actually feature Crystal. Some simply feature costumes she's made!

You can see more of Crystal's cosplay at her personal site.


    .... Can't seem to put my finger on why she's so popular....

    She has some very well proportioned.... eyes

    I was thinking the BOOBS TBH : \ Is it different models, or does she get a noticible boob job between some costumes?


      Padding. It's an art. And also a gal's best friend! ;)

    lol gotta love these regular cosplay articles

    I wish I was a professional cosplayer... too bad I'm a dude. :(

    Why the grainy pics.

    She has a great set of personalities.

    I've seen her on DeviantArt, and while yes, she does have nice bewbs, they detract from her beautifully warm smile.
    Also...the Old Snake one is HER!

    That .... is a brilliant Selvaria! Looks amazing!

    I can believe that Old Snake is her, but pulling off that Radi Jaeger is incredible. 8P

    This is cosplay I could get used to.

    Love the retro low res pics. You should take your style to the rest of the site too. Make everything look like it did in the 90's.

    her website is all-flash. urgh - haven't come across an all-flash website in ages.

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