The Very Best In Cosplay: Eric Ng

When you look at cosplay photos here on Fancy Pants, the cosplayers themselves are only half the project. Sure, with their craftsmanship and modelling they're the focus, but if nobody was around to take their picture, then it'd all be for naught!

So today's instalment of my little celebration of the very best in cosplay focuses on photographer Eric Ng, aka Big White Bazooka.

As with all the best cosplay shots, Eric doesn't just click a button. Many of these images continue the make-believe theme through to their setting and the colours and after-effects used.

You can way more of Eric's work at either his commercial site or his Facebook page.


    Dem boots aren't made for walkin'

      Worried about the "these boots will walk all over you" part...

    Yes the costumes are epic, fucking so. but the photography is what really makes these good. Absolutely amazing.

    I'm not entirely sure we can count the firefall stuff as cosplay. To me, play doesn't cross with work, and since those costumes are advertising for the game it's work. Awesome costumes they should be proud of and show off, to be sure, but there's that line...

    Does Kotaku only show the professional cosplay photography? I reckon it would be amusing to see some fail cosplay that you regularly see and anime conventions/ Japanese Pop Culture Conventions.

      I think they did, ages ago

    When I first saw this, I thought Eric Ng was a cosplayer, and he did all 3 people in the title image. He looks pretty good as a chick lol.

      Glad it wasn't just me!

    Those are lovely photos. It really shows off the costumes.

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