The Very Best In Cosplay: Meagan Marie

The Very Best In Cosplay: Meagan Marie

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be forgoing the regular “best of the last seven days” thing for Fancy Pants and instead focus on the work of the best in the business.

And there could be no better way to start than with cosplay superstar Meagan Marie.

Formerly of Game Informer, Marie is now employed as Community & Communication Manager at Crystal Dynamics, the home of the Tomb Raider franchise.

But that’s not why she’s internet famous. Everyone has jobs.

Marie is internet famous because of her amazing cosplay skills, whether it be her picture-perfect costumes, modelling work or ability to really get into character, something so many in the field aren’t able to pull off.

The gallery above has a selection of some of her best stuff, but you can see a lot more at her personal website.

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it…yeah.


  • In before any one posts anything about “boobs”, because I personally found this gallery really tasteful! Also, how awesome is the Two-Face face paint! Man, that is neat.

    • Yeah, boobs or no, every one of those pics looke like awesome cos play to me. For a change I even know who most of them are cosplaying!

      • A thought crossed my mind as I was publishing this gallery: if a person were to cosplay as a female video game character and they didn’t want to show a lot of skin, their options would be fairly limited! They’d have a pool of like, ten characters to choose from. If they venture out of that pool and they are determined to achieve a likeness to the character then there’s probably going to be some cleavage on show, which is totally fine — a person can show off whatever he/she wants as long as they can’t get arrested for it! — although what I am suggesting is if we had more options with regards to female characters, then maybe we’d also see more variety in the cosplay. That would be really nice! (Which isn’t to say that this cosplayer isn’t nice — she is clearly amazing at putting these costumes together, so yay for her!).

        Edit: This might be a bit relevant to the thing I just mentioned above: when I was at Good Game they wanted me to cosplay for a story, which sounded like a really fun idea! The ABC wardrobe department would make my costume for me and everything. When it came time to choose a character to cosplay, it was actually quite difficult because I didn’t want to show skin, especially not on national television, and all the “conservative” suggestions were either from games I didn’t like or of characters I didn’t care about. So yeeeeeah — more diversity plz.

        • Ashley Williams
          Miranda Lawson
          Kasumi Goto
          Liara T’soni
          Faith Connors
          Sheva Alomar
          Rachel Parker
          Joanna Dark
          Rubi Malong
          Katherine Marlowe
          Trishka Novak
          Abbey Black
          Billie Church
          Simone Cole
          Alyx Vance
          Rebecca Chambers
          Ada Wong
          Bonnie McFarlane
          April Ryan
          Hildegard von Krone
          The Boss

          Just a few options for ya.

          • While I agree with most of those, some still stand out as Breast-targets even though clothed. Miranda in ME2 for instance, is still VERY amply endowed and very much so. I await the day where female game characters don’t suffer major backpain later in life…

            Lara must be pushing what, 43 – 44 by now? How’s those stretchmarks going Ms Croft…

            Seriously, the old excuse of ”people demand huge boobs in games” is crap. If developers just stopped giving us size EEE boobs and went with say, B or C cups? You’d find the same amount of games would sell???

          • I don’t think Miranda has huge breasts. But what’s the problem if she does? Most of the other female characters don’t, so there is a mix. Plenty of women in real life have big breasts, isn’t it a bit insulting to get so uptight about it?
            Also, you don’t have to have big breasts to dress up as her. Just like you don’t need a six pack to dress as a male character.

          • Actually you do. People get seriously annoyed if you cosplay a female character with a large bust and you don’t have them yourself.
            Also, a person with a large bust can’t really cosplay a character with a small bust.
            Take it from a female cosplayer. It’s always best to find something that suits your body type.

            I’m jealous of this girl’s ability. I have every right to hate her because I don’t have the skill, time or money to pull any of these off.

          • Well it’s a known fact that sex sells, so I can’t agree with you there.

            Maybe that principle may not apply as much to informed gamers like the people who regular here. But well if your in a shop, looking for a game to play but can’t quite make up your mind on what to get, it’s amazing how much a pretty face or a nice body whether it be cleavage or muscles can sway someone, even if it’s subconsciously.

          • But there’s a difference between having a big rack. and having a big rack that has just enough clothes to cover the nipple.

            If Miranda’s outfit had a deep V instead of the rectangle there would be a big difference. Of course at the same time if you cut that rectangle too deep it would have the same effect as a deep v

        • There are plenty of female game characters dressed more modestly. I keep hearing some say the overwhelming majority of female game characters are dressed in very revealing outfits. Please show me, because I don’t see it. Most characters I see are either dressed pretty average or sexy but not over the top.

          What’s wrong with showing cleavage? Are some really that offended or uncomfortable with seeing females show their feminine features?

          Not trying to start anything. Just curious.

  • Im regards to realistic, tasteful depictions of women in games, I was looking at all the games I’d spent the most time playing in the last 12 months and they are:

    Halo Reach
    Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood/Revelations
    Gears of War 3
    Red Dead Redemption
    Mortal Kombat

    With the exception of Mortal Kombat, the fact that every woman in Skyrim has a perfect Barbie figure and if you really wanted to push it, Cortana’s digital body, I feel that the majority of my gaming experiences recently have been populated by confident women that have strong character traits. Women who aren’t there as a probe to be won or rescued, women without gratuitous cleavage or overly sexualized nature.

    It’s been good.

    • You have to face it. A lot of the men are made to look pretty unrealistic themselves. Good thing every game isn’t set it our world so they can get away with having confidant fit looking people everywhere.

  • LOVING the 2-face.. That is actily really good. The Anya GOW one is fantastic too, creepy enough she looks a lot like her :S

  • Why are these Cosplay women so damn unattractive! C’mon Kotaku, get with it and post some hot pics…oh wait

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