So, What’s The Deal With The PS Vita And DLC From Multiple PSN Accounts?

So, What’s The Deal With The PS Vita And DLC From Multiple PSN Accounts?

Reader Brad Marr couldn’t wait until next month for his PS Vita and decided to import one from Hong Kong. It just so happens he also used to live there, so his PSN account is linked to that region. With all the back-and-forth regarding PlayStation Vita and PSN, Brad thought he’d share his experiences with us.

I’ve always had a Hong Kong PSN account, because I made it when I lived there, but my girlfriend has an Australian account. Now that I live in Australia and buy Australian games, I have to download DLC from her account to run on my PS3; it’s almost the same with the Vita.

I’ve downloaded a PSP game on her account on the PS3, switched over to the account that matches with the Vita and I’ve transferred the game to the Vita. It works because the one PlayStation shares all the DLC it gets from all accounts.

Hopefully this tidbit has proved useful. If you have any specific questions regarding the Vita, share them here — Brad might be in a giving mood today!

[Thanks Brad]


  • This makes a huge difference if true, but it feels like it might be a loophole or oversight by Sony that we might not be able to rely on.

  • In my experience, I find that DLCs work on a case to case basis, mostly depending on the game. I’ve got two copies of a japanese game(Pop n Music Portable 2), one on UMD and another downloaded via japan PSN (to use on my Vita). The DLC works fine on both PSP and Vita if I use my Japan Account.

    However, If I switch my PSP to an US Account, and play the UMD version of the game, it states that the DLC cannot be accessed on my account. And obviously, the Digital Download copy of the game does not work on my US Account as well.

    Note that there are some DLC that work across accounts. (i.e. Australian version of Uncharted 3 + DLC work fine on my US PSN account)

    • I think you might have misinterpreted the above. As I understand it, he’s got a PS Vita with his Hong Kong PSN account on it, and a PS3 with his HK and AU accounts. If he buys a game on his PS3 with the AU account then switches to the HK PSN account on the PS3 to transfer the game onto his PSV, then it works. Maybe it transfers the DRM key from the other account over with the game?

      • Understood. Though I’m not even sure how he managed to get content bought from another account region onto his Vita in the first place, since even if you switch to a different account on the PS3, you aren’t able to copy content from PS3 to Vita.

        The moment you plug in the Vita to your PS3, it disables the PS3’s XMB. All copying is done on through the Vita. And the Vita does not show any content PSP game / DLC content that does not belong to the same account region.

        He might have meant that he was able to transfer PSP game saves (not DLC) Save data can be copied, but everything else (psp games, minis, turbografx games, neo geo station games, game updates) don’t even show up in the Vita content manager.

  • I have a US UMD of Dissidia 012, yet the European DLC works with the game. However, the same isn’t true of Patapon 3.

    I think this will be a case by case thing with the Vita.

    • I think PS3 is different. As long as an account that’s authorized for the purchase is on your system, you can play the games from that account on a separate one. I’ve got several games off the US PSN plus multiple US DLC packs that I can play using my US import games on my AU account.

  • I thought it was specifically locked to the same account so I never tried this. I think I will do it tonight with Australian PSN stuff to a Japanese account.

  • Wow if this trick works that’s great news! Can someone who has a vita please test it out with some vita games? I.e. If you have purchased a full vita game on the Japanese or hong long psn, download them on your ps3 and then transfer them to an aus account (or just any different region) on your vita and see if the vita game works?

  • This is not possible due to the fact that the Australian vita psn store isn’t even up yet so it isn’t possible to get vita compatible psp games yet as they have to be upgraded. You can’t even transfer PSP games purchased from the Australian store to a vita with the same account attached.

  • You definitely can’t transfer DLC or Psp games bought with an AU account onto a HK Vita. I spent some time today testing this out. The content manager on the Vita shows nothing. I’ve tried several PSN store combo’s. Jap/Au/HK

    The vita simply complains about being logged into the wrong region for DLC.

    Top tip too. If you want to create a Jap PSN account without a Ps3, let google chrome auto translate the online account creation tool, translates everything perfectly.

    • You shouldn’t be getting any complaints from the PS3 about wrong region. As from the description above (at least from my interpretation) you donwload it with say an Aussie account into your PS3 HDD and then change to your Jap/HK account and then sync with your Vita.

      However I have just tested this trying to transfer my Aussie Killzone: Liberation and then Modnation racers PSP once I have downloaded them via my Aussie PSN account and they both do not show up in the content manager once I logged into my Japanese one.

  • So if i’m reading this right (havent slept in 32 hours) the article is saying i can download content from any psn account region to the ps3, and then transfer/install it to the vita if i am logged in to the same account on the ps3 as on the vita?

    Or have i got the wrong idea? : s

  • I wonder if (and stay with me on this one) I have 2 australian psp’s which I download psp games from my ps3 on. Now, if I get a vita also, can I play the psp games on the vita also? Isn’t there something about you can only have the downloaded content on a certain amount of devices…?

  • I have a Japanese PS Vita and it is linked to my US account (as is my PS3) and I have 4 PSP games saved on my PS3’s HDD but when I try to transfer them to my Vita they don’t show up in the Content Manager but this person doesn’t seem to have a problem with this but there is a clear difference between his situation and a western importer’s (like me), his Vita’s account (HK) already has access to his region’s PS Store because the system already launched in HK and thus he can download things from any PS Store to his Vita even if he really isn’t in Hong Kong itself, just like any PS3 with multiple accounts from different regions.

    In conclusion, he can download his stuff because his region’s Vita store has already launched unlike our NA Vita store which hasn’t been launched because the system isn’t even avalible yet. Anyone agrees?

  • I too have a Japanese Vita…I have about 16 PSP games downloaded to my PS3, but when I use the Content Manager on the Vita, it doesn’t regonize the PSP software to copy over.

    Tried re-downloading Peace Walker and tried to copy it over (without being installed to the PS3 Drive after download) and once again the Vita would not regonize it

    So I always assumed that it was something to do with the Vita Australian Store not being online that was preventing me from copying PSP software…oh well, will find out come Feburary 23rd when the system officially launches here is Aus

  • Sorry guys, the game WASN’T off the Australian store, it was off the Japanese store. I totally got confused from where I downloaded it. But it still worked. It wouldn’t work with the Australian store because those games aren’t formatted to play on a Vita yet. But I just downloaded the Gravity Rush demo off the Japan store, switched to my Hong Kong account, and transferred it to my Vita. I don’t see why this wouldn’t work with all accounts once the stores are open! Sorry again!

    • Just have to change “Aussie” with “Japanese” and the explanation I gave on an earlier comment makes even more sense now lol.

      Both regions’ (HK&JP) stores are available on both the Vita and PS3 whereas the NA Store isn’t up for the Vita yet.

      HK hardware + JP software = Successful transfer.
      JP/HK hardware + NA software = Failed transfer because of the Not-avalible-yet PS Store.

      • Yes I know. I derp’d up. But I’m pretty sure once all the stores are unlocked, everything should work fine. I just hope Sony doesn’t find out about what I’ve accomplished and changes things 🙁

        • I don’t thin they would ’cause the PS3 has worked that way since it’s launch back in 2006 and they still allow us to create accounts for different regions and have access to all of the PS stores available worldwide so I don’t think something like what you accomplished would make them change it.

  • Most of these info is right, with the exception of the PSVita model. There is an ending model number of all PSVita. And multiple model numbers share the same “REGION CODE”. What is region code? It is the same thing that carried over from the PSP. The reason Hong Kong and Japanese can share games is because they have the same REGION CODE, but are actually different model numbers. Games that share same region code can be played from any region model number PSvita as long as those PSVitas share the same region code.

    More info on region code and model numbers here:

    So for example, a hong kong 1106 and 1100 all plays japanese or hong kong games because they both have the same region code.

  • I have a different account on my vita than the one on my PS3 that i bought the games with, but when i try to connect the vita to the PS3 with the same account to transfer the psp games i bought with a different account, the vita says it cant copy because my account doesnt own those games. Can anybody help me with this?

  • I purchased some DLC with my PS3 on a USA account. When I tried to move it across to my Vita with mu Australian account I got a ‘it cant copy because my account doesn’t own those games’ error like Miguel above had.

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