The Wii U Will Be Out By Christmas In Australia

While there's still scope for slight delays, Nintendo has tonight eased fears of a drastically staggered release of the Wii U by confirming the new console will be out in all four major territories by Christmas.

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has told Reuters that the Wii U would be out in the US, Europe, Japan and Australia "for the year-end season".

While we knew the console would be out somewhere in 2012, this will be good news to Europeans and Aussies used to/fearing a 2013 release.

Nintendo: to launch Wii successor in key markets for year-end [Reuters]


    Sweet, ill be picking one up at launch.

    What do people think/guess what the price point will be? I'm thinking they'll go for $AUD400. I think the Wii launched at that price too, but prices/currencies have changed since then.

      Yeah im guessing $400 too.

        I dunno, the controller might fetch a hefty price tag by itself. Might be more than that.

          That might be overall the main thing, if the Wii U still only supports one of them, then I see the cost of the console pushed up more.

          If the Wii U will support more and the controllers do become available to purchase, then the console cost might drop a touch, but then it will have the problem of the cost of the controller to keep in check.

          The Wii controllers now are $70 bucks, the new one with a screen and gyro (?) should push it over $100

      Well the Wii launched at $400, right? (That's what Wikipedia says anyway) So, I'm thinking the highest it will go is $450.

      At any rate, I probably won't get one until next year unless the 're-unveil' at E3 this year absolutely blows me away.

      Wow, you're an optimistic fellow.


    "The Wii U would be out in the US, Europe, Japan and Australia “for the year-end season”
    In other words, the US and Japan will probably get it in October/November, and Europe and Australia will get it in December just like the first Wii. Doesn't bother me though, have no interest in the Wii U.

      So you clicked into the article and left a comment because.....

    The head of Capcom recently teased that Nintendo will show off many more functionalities for the Wii U at E3 this year, things we haven't seen before. There's so much potential here for Nintendo to really impress consumers, I don't think it will be as botched as last E3. They'll have learnt a lesson from the 3DS launch, and this thing will have a bunch of first party releases at launch. I'm guessing Pikmin 3 and Metroid. Something from Retro at launch as we haven't heard from them in a while now. Pretty exciting year for Nintendo fans.

    Nice as long as the software showcases the potential for the tablet interface controller and the way it can improve/change the gaming experience I'll be getting one at launch, if they are simply going to replace hardware buttons with touch screen buttons only then i can wait. Either way Steam keeps my gaming needs satisfied. I'll get the Wii U for hopefully the type of gameplay i cant get on my PC (just as the Wii did before)

    Um EB Games website says $599, I hope that's just guesswork on their part.

    More than $400 and I won't bite - I may not bite anyway - I've gotta upgrade my PC this year so Nintendo will have to have something impressive to fork out for a WiiU

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