The Witcher 2's 'Dark Edition' Will Retail For $US99

We've confirmed that the "Dark Edition" of the Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2 will retail for $US99. There was some reader confusion about the price. Details on the Dark Edition can be found here.


    I wonder if this means it will be $200AUD here.

    Even if I had more than a passing interest in this game I don't think I am interested in any of the special edition content, and certainly not for thel ikely equivalent price once the Australia tax is factored in.

    Why can details be found -here-?

    How hard would it be to fucking cut and paste the details?

      Yeah I'm wondering that as well. Especially annoying as I'm at work and they block pretty much every site under the sun.

      Also, the funny thing is that you can get the PC version of this quite cheap and you get all the extran content as free DLC. I don't really see why anyone who has a decent pc would get this. Seems like a bit of a ripoff.

        I ordered it from Ozgameshop. $35 for version 2.0 and all the DLC is free on pc. On Xbox, the dlc ain't free and the game itself will probably be 2 or 3 times the amount i payed for it.

        What new free dlc is there? I only just got an completed the PC version about a month ago.

          I think the DLC packages are included in patches. If you got version 2.0 you should have all of them unless new ones have come out since then. I still have not recieved my copy yet so I hope this helps.

    Got the Version 2.0 for $50 and am pretty happy. That has all the DLC, but there's been a new patch since that was released. It also has a game guide and DVD with some extras. Not really sure what else you'd want.

    EB now has the Dark Edition listed for $108, fyi. Far better than I expected.

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