There Are Now 66 Million Xbox 360 Consoles In The Wild

Microsoft announced just ahead of its CES keynote that the Xbox 360 has sold 66 million units worldwide. Kinect has sold 18 million. And there are just under 40 million Xbox Live users.

That's...a lot of people not connected to Xbox Live!


    For those not on live, consider the RRoD issue and how many might have been replaced.

    I also have 3 consoles in the house but only use 1 Live account.....

    I'm going to assume a large portion of the discrepancy between XBox 360 units sold and actual Xbox live users are people who replaced their dead/red-ringed 360 then recovered their original gamertag.

    It's kinda crazy though, because you'd think some of the discrepancy would be offset by consoles with multiple accounts on them. My console alone has 5 accounts which are "Live" accounts even though only two of them are "Gold subscriptions>.

    I wonder how many of the Xbox360s "in the wild" are being used as landfill. Many of my friends are on their third or fourth 360 unit

    well i gues sits true, anyone wonder if microsoft added these faults so it would sell more?

    Numbers could be even more skewed I have a 360 and 3 XBL accounts.

    I suspect a significant proportion are replacement sales from RROD. Also a large number will be purchased by people without broadband so they never activate a live account.

    VG Chartz has a count of 62.6M only. Presume that the "sold" numbers include the RROD?

    There would be a variety of reasons for not having a 1-1 ratio. My house has 3 Xbox 360's (2 new, 1 old that has RROD twice but still works after free fixing i.e. RROD does not necessarilly mean landfill or permanently dead) but only 2 XBOX live accounts. My son and I play online whereas the 3 girls in the house use them for DVD, media streaming or Kinect games all of which don't require a Live account (they sometimes get DLC via my account).

    I also know a number of households that share a single live account among all family members.

    None of the people I know who have experienced the RROD (and there have been quite a few), have ended up having to buy a new console. Sometimes they have gone back more than once but they are still in use. I accept there would be some that have gone in the bin but with Microsoft fixing it for free it seems pretty silly to throw it away.

    66 mil in the wild? is that counting the tonnes of RRoD consoles from the early years?
    I wonder if they counted the replacement consoles aswell.
    I've heard of many people who went through 7 or 8 of the things.

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