There May Not Even Be A PlayStation 4 Or Xbox 720, Says Cloud Gaming Company Gaikai

There May Not Even Be A PlayStation 4 Or Xbox 720, Says Cloud Gaming Company Gaikai

Brace yourselves, readers! A company whose whole business plan depends on consoles going away says that one of the big platform holders miht be getting out of the hardware business altogether.

Industry Gamers has Nanea Reeves, chief product officer for Gaikai, saying the following:

“Not all of the current console makers will have one more generation. That will be the big news at E3.”

Now, there’s so indication of anything remotely resembling an inside source, which makes this just so much idle speculation. One can speculate anything, of course, but it seems utterly bizarre to expect the announement of an exit from gaming hardware at E3. If anything, a company like Sony with lots of consumer electronics products on offer might announce TVs that will stream games off the PlayStation Network. But that’s still technically a next-generation product. Or Microsoft could announce that the NextBox will be a fancy Windows 8 tablet that hooks up your TV. See, speculation’s fun!

Sony Or Microsoft to Bow Out of Next-Gen Console Race, Predicts Gaikai [Industry Gamers]


  • lol, no.

    Cloud gaming is not a viable global product at this stage. And even if it were, why wouldn’t Microsoft and Sony just incorporate this into their new console instead of not making a console?

    We might see cloud gaming incorporated into the next consoles as a transitional phase, just like this generation included the ability to download and play titles “on demand”, but this feature is unlikely to even be available at launch, let alone replacing the current home console system altogether.

    • Why is it not a viable option? I disagree.

      Cloud gaming IS a viable option and a cheaper option for both the end consumer and hardware manufacturers. It’s been a viable option for the past few years. People are just not willing to accept it. You don’t need a hard copy of a game, you can make do with a digital copy. That digital copy does not need to be on your hard drive, it can be off on a network drive. Internet connections have been fast enough for years.

      I’d rather a dumb terminal sitting in my lounge room that is cheap to buy and run and connects to an elastic cloud infrastructure that is always updated with the latest hardware. Just imagine having the ability to dynamically scale your virtual machine remotely to run any game at maximum settings. If a game is not graphics or process intensive, it’ll scale down accordingly.

      Sun Microsystems were doing this kind of thing in the 1990’s with their SunRay machines.

      Would I buy OnLive? No. Would I buy a Microsoft cloud gaming service? Hell Yes.

      Cloud gaming FTW!

      • You’re forgetting the fact that this needs a good and large internet capacity

        I’m a student, I can only afford my 10GBs a month, I don’t want to have to pay more so I can download games (to then play offline)

      • In Australia it’s not even viable, due to speed and data limits, and we have one of the highest standards of living in the world. Just because the internet connections do exist and you may have one, doesn’t mean the whole world does. These are billion dollar companies who’s awareness of the world actually extends further than their self-proclaimed analyst armchair, guy.

        • Unfortunately, Australia’s a pretty small market – so if cloud gaming takes off in Japan and the US and kills the console market there, I doubt Sony or Microsoft will make consoles just for us.

          • So US and Japan make 80+% of the gaming market? You know it’s not just Australia where OnLive or cloud-based gaming isn’t viable right?

  • I have no desire to pick up streamed gaming.


    I’d much rather download the game and have it on my computer – especially single player games – rather than be at the mercy of heavy rainstorm, Telstra technician up the road fiddling with wires, the local exchange being overloaded or any other slowdown or hiccup in my connection.

  • The sheer number of grammatical and spelling errors informs us that yes the kotaku USA website doesn’t believe in proofreading

  • I think there will be at least one more physical console generation before everything goes digital/cloud,we’re certainly on our way, but unless no this generation wants to last at least 15 years (yeah right).

  • I have a suspicion that the new xbox will really just be standardised PC. It already sounds as though it might do word processing and such. I’m not sure that will warrant the name console, even if it does connect to the TV.

    • TBH i want this to happen for many reasons. main reason though is im sick of pc getting this shit end of the stick in many cases. If this was to happen i see cross platform play (cs :go) much more successful.

    • It could take the Windows Phone 7 approach of same closed OS on many platforms. Also the same approach as the super successful 3D0.

  • I doubt that this is even remotely true. As others have said, I can see companies incorporating it in their consoles, but not opting solely for that.

    For people like me who have rubbish internet speeds (especially during peak times) cloud gaming is not a viable option. Pay the same price as the physical copy to get a game that I can only play when my connection is good? No thanks!

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just ‘the next xbox runs windows 8’ and the vested interest company wanted to sound cool.

  • Yes because one of the big console makers is going to move to cloud gaming so that they can’t reach the majority of their customer base…

  • While everyones LoLing and rolling there eyes, take a moment to realise that less than ten years ago people were loling and rolling their eyes at a game you paid a monthly subscription for, or reading books on a computer, or gaming on a phone being popular in anyway. People poo pooed On Live like crazy and said it would never work, the company just announced they’re moving into streaming to tablets after a succesful year of operation.

    Then throw in the fact that Xbox and Sony got their ass kicked by a last generation console with a novelty controller and took three years just to catch up, and game sales this year outside of Call of Duty were not great.

    I’m not saying E3 this year is going to be some mahic waterhed moment for consoles becoming streaming only devices, this company is obviously extreemely biased. But many people are assuming the next consoles streaming and download only, but not have disc drives. I think it’s highly likely it’ll happen in the next few years

  • This is where Nintendo’s business practices shine: because most of their best games are first party titles, they could afford to ignore cloud gaming and keep making consoles. Sure they may lose a lot of market share, but not nearly as much as Microsoft and Sony stand to lose.

  • Q*Bert. Have you played Mario 3D? There are some rooms which have isometric 3D puzzles, hiding blocks behind other blocks in a way that makes it necessary and intuitive to use 3D. It’s a brilliant feature, and imagine it in Q*bert! Hope backwards onto hidden blocks! Hidden passageways! The possibilities!

  • Sounds like Gaikai have employed one of those clueless Game Industry Analysts as their Chief Product Officer.

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