There’s A Lot More To Do In Final Fantasy XIII-2 Than Save The World

There’s A Lot More To Do In Final Fantasy XIII-2 Than Save The World

While Final Fantasy XIII was all about getting the job done in a timely fashion, Final Fantasy XIII-2 gives the player plenty of time to relax between tasks. Check out some of the more entertaining diversions tucked away in next week’s sequel.

Gambling, trivia contests, side missions, mini-games; these were the things I missed the most in Final Fantasy XIII. All of those silly elements that for me help define the Final Fantasy experience.

Well good news, fellow distractionists. Final Fantasy XIII-2 contains plenty of recreational activities to keep you occupied when you aren’t busy hopping from time to time, saving the world. Normally I might be put off by such frivolity interlaced with a plot that’s all serious business, but it’s not like the Historia Crux is going anywhere. Let’s gamble!


  • Not long to go now 🙂 Just replayed FF 13 to get back into the feel of things. Actually enjoyed it a lot more than last time as well.

  • For me FF13 was the first Final Fantasy I had not completed due to sheer disappointment. I’m willing to give FF13-2 a go though. Having played the demo on PSN I can say that i did enjoy playing it. Hopefully these new features redeem the game.

  • I wasn’t horribly bothered by the linear nature of FFXIII. What did bother me was the lack of random things to do such as the stuff given here. I remember throwing away hours in things like the card games, Blitzball and Chocobo racing. This looks promising. Hopefully XIII-2 will redeem the series so they can move on.

  • Does anyone know whether they will have Japanese voices in the Aussie launch ver, or do I need to import the Asian ver again ….

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