These Real PokéBalls Will Set Your Hands On Fire


    wow, awesome

    Isn't this, like, the 3rd time this has been posted on kotaku?

      At least once before in the last few days/weeks:

    The dragon ball one isn't Dragon Ball themed, it's a Dragon Ball! Also, as last time, these aren't really that realistic. Cool, yes. Realistic, no.

      Also, the flaming dragon ball picture uses the same hand which appeared in the previous white winged pokeballs picture (see and that white winged pokeball appears with a new hand here. :P

    A fad I am so glad I missed.

    I'd like to see one of those... Things... Take on an Eva!

    Or even Orco.

      I reckon one of tge larger legendary Pokemon could waste an EVA, just an opinion though - I don't really know enough about either party to make a judgement

        I'd have to say it depends on multiple factors.

        Which Eva unit are we talking about for starters.. then, which Pokemon, they all have their own abilities and specs. Will they have the powers they have in their own universes, or are they limited to certain ones? There's a lot more questions to go into this too... I was trying to sleep damnit...

          Wait, are you talking about Evangelion?

            No, Eva Mendez.

            What did you people think I was talking about?!?

    I wouldn't say floored, they were nothing special. Neither are these. They're definately pretty images but I was a little disappointed.

    I just have to say this, when somebody goes and makes a ball that looks like a pokeball than that is a a real pokeball. When somebody photoshops a pokeball than that is photoshopped.

    Real means somebody went and made something physical and not virtual.

    I am not knocking the guy who made them, just the article name.

    I dodn't know Batmen (Batmans?) were common enough in the pokemon world to justify mass producing a Batman Pokeball.

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