Things SteelSeries Is Showing At CES

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is the time for gaming peripheral makers to shine, and not many are quite as shiny as SteelSeries. They're doing up CES 2012 big with a tiny Bluetooth gamepad, some travel-friendly headsets and mice, mice, mice.

The most intriguing new product in SteelSeries' lineup would have to be the new Ion Wireless Controller, a Bluetooth-powered gamepad about the size of a standard deck of cards. Created through a licensing partnership with Zeemote Technology, the Ion can connect to any number of tablets or mobile phones to offer a portable solution to the problems of touch screen gaming.

I'm also rather fond of the new SteelSeries Flux headset, a folding headset with a unique feature: Dual input jacks. Having an input jack on either side of the headset not only allows users to choose which side of their head the microphone cord hangs on, it also allows them to daisy chain multiple Flux headsets together to share music or phone calls. Will anyone ever use this feature? Probably not, but I feel like the world's a safer place knowing it's there.

Both the Ion and the Flux will be priced closer to their respective third and second quarter 2012 releases.

Also on display from SteelSeries at CES is the incredibly attractive Siberia v2 Frost Blue Headset, the SteelSeries Kana mouse, and two new editions of the SteelSeries Kinzu mouse. Hit up the link for more info, or just flip through the gallery for some SteelSeries-flavoured eye candy.

SteelSeries CES Product Page [SteelSeries]


    Damn waiting for a bluetooth controller may have paid off.

    Things SteelSeries ARE showing???

    Steelseries, now plain-er than ever.

    Like everything except the controller.... nothankyoursir.

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