This Brutally Cute Skyrim Mod Shouldn't Have A Sword

Ask any fan of virtual idol Miku Hatsune. It should have a leek. The character, who always carries a leek, is huge in Japan, and Toyota is even using Miku to sell cars in the West.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is getting a whole host of character mods for its PC version. Previously, Kotaku showed the Final Fantasy XIII Lightning skin, the Spider-Man mod, and the Link one.

In the above video, watch as Miku unleashes a slow-motion kill. As previously mentioned, too bad she's not wielding a leek!

If you are interested in downloading the mod, go to this site. More details in the link below.

Hatsune miku Mod - Slow Motion Kills (Helgen Keep) [YouTube]


    This is what is wrong with the Skyrim modding community.

    I used to be a vocaloid like you, then I took a leek in the knee

    This is the first mod to catch my attention.

    I would love to see the whole of Skyrim modded to look like an anime! :P (not a particular anime, just that style)

    Now give me Daedric Armour reskinned as EVA-01 :P

    Did I just watch anime or gore porn? Did she really have to kill so many people just to show of the skin??

    Indeed Chazz, EVA-01 armour skins for great justice!

    *sigh* this whole modding thing in Skyrim with characters changing into other characters from anime etc are just plain stupid. If they really want to play that character, just go play that game and play Skyrim as Skyrim.

    Real sick of these Link, FFIX characters and the like popping everywhere. Sure they're clever in making these things, just doesn't feel right. If you want to play an anime style game, go play an anime game, period.

    @PFfft - Why does it bug you that people play Skyrim as Miku? It doesn't effect your game whatsoever. If you don't like the mods, don't look at them.

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