This Firefall 'Cosplay' Kicks Armoured Arse

To help shill their upcoming Firefall, Red 5 Studios is employing two models to play the part of the game's characters at press events and shows. One is cosplayer Crystal Graziano, who Red 5 is also sponsoring for a full year. The other is not a cosplayer. He's an actor and... a US gladiator.

Lee Reherman, who is dressing up here as Firefall's Typhon, has played a heap of bit parts on the small screen but will be most recognisable to those in the US as Hawk from American Gladiators.

Both Reherman and Graziano will be heading off to "at least six conventions" throughout 2012 in their costumes (constructed by Hollywood effects man Steve Wang, who built the original Predator) and will probably end up starring in a live-action commercial or short to go with it.

Is it still cosplay if you're being outfitted by a video game developer for marketing purposes? I'd say no. Still, the get-ups are so good they're worth a good look anyway!


    I hope they hurry up with their beta! I wanaa play!

    They're definitely not trying to make him look like the bad guy from Avatar or anything...

      Quarich was a cliche military badass, can't really blame them there.

    Crystal may make good costumes but for me she doesn't really wear any of them well. She just looks like eye candy hired to wear a costume. Lee, on the other hand, looks like he's right at home in the costume.

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