This Guy Is Playing Monster Hunter On His 3DS With A PlayStation Controller

I've been messing about with the Circle Pad Pro for the last week or so, and despite the fact it looks a little clunky, I'm impressed. But what this chap has done — hooking a PSX controller up to his 3DS, via the Circle Pad Pro, and then using it to play Monster Hunter, is also quite impressive!

It's hardly portable, which sort of negates the whole idea of the 3DS being a portable console and all, but still pretty cool.

Thanks Michael!


    Usually I would ask the question "But why?" I think in this case the answer is simply, because he can. I like it.

    Hooray, you used my tip! And Mark did it, per my request!
    Kotaku rules.

    How did he do it though?

    If interested in the verdict on the circle pad pro.

    I'm close to grabbing a 3DS, but if I got one I'd have to go for the extra pad for resident evil and MGS3 at the least.

    It's that or wait for the next iteration, I guess.

    Maaan, I wanna play stuff now.

    Poor guy, he not only paid for a shitty 3DS, but also got ripped off and had to buy a circle pad pro... A moments silence for this poor sap guys. He then had to use an unquestionably better controller just to play his game comfortably.

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