This Half-Life Mod Is About Being Stuck In An Elevator. It Is Incredible.

If you've got Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod you should really go and download this free mod called Elevator: Source. It's about being stuck in an elevator with strangers. Internet strangers. And the elevator can take you anywhere.

That really is it. It's like Chatroulette meets Half-Life. You'll end up in an elevator with....well, freaks, and when the doors open, you could be anywhere.

Get it at the link below.

Elevator: Source [Pixeltail, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Yeah, watched a playthrough today, it really is cool.

    so how is this interesting?
    Seems like a "watching paint dry" or "watching grass grow" simulator


      It's actually really great if dont have an extremely narrow focus when it comes to video games.

      It seems like the kind of fun you'd find in any Garry's Mod server. Lighten up, eh?

      Depending on what he meant I could agree, while it may be interesting to experience (not sure play is the right word) and is certainly a novel concept, this video is all kinds of boring after 5 minutes, just reminds me of sitting in vent while playing wow and not in a raid.

      I must confess I agree Inquisitorsz. It's amusing for a while, but I'm just not sure I see the fun

    One of the YouTube commenters called it a Mass Effect Ripoff. I lol'd so hard.

    Anyway, I feel like getting HL2:Ep2 just to play this :P

    It reminds me of Cob's elevator in Inception.

    None of them got the Get Smart intro. :(

    if build that wall played in an lift i would ride it all day.

    You have to see it to understand. It's one of those things with a baffling premise that turns out great when you see what they do with it. Check out the video! :D

    As cool as this is, after watching the video i dont have any interest to download it anymore since ive seen the entire mod and theres nothing new to find out.

      It's different for every play session. Seriously. Download it.

    This thing goes for 45mins, I could barely stand 5..

    I downloaded this last night after seeing this article and I probably spent an hour at least just sitting in that elevator and waiting to see what happened next.

    I made some friends, rode the elevator, and watched some friends die or disappear under terrifying circumstances before meeting new friends and trying not to make eye contact when they asked me about the pile of fleshless bones lying in a heap in the corner of the elevator.

    Great stuff :)

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