This Is My New Favourite JB Hifi Game Review

We've run a few JB Hifi game reviews here at Kotaku, and I always swear that I'll stop, but this one is just too good.

Probably worth noting that it was reviewed by 'Gary'.

Thanks Tad!


    Totally worth it...i really am going to have to go in to jb more often to look for these gems.

    Man, I really want to go buy this now. Well if I had a DS, do they have a review for that too. :D

    I'm not joking either I've got a dispensable income and nothing to save for...

      Just send all that extra money my way, then - I'll give it a good home.

      With the way the Labor government are going, i'd hang on to that dispensable income. Though, it's already rainy days, wait till the hailstorms hit!

    Took me half a second to click, oh but when it did... :D

    Good one Gary.

    Now that's a review I feel I can trust. Bravo sir.

    I think you mean, "Gary was here, Ash is a loser".

    Nah, don't stop the JB HiFi reviews.



      +freaking infinity

      Best comment i've seen in a long time.

    My name is Gary and I totally agree. :D

    Glad everyone likes it! I spotted this at the JB hi-fi at the galleries in Sydney!

    Hahaha gotta say I love the double standars here. If this was posted by Ashcraft or Plunkett people would be flaming all over the place, but since Mark put it up everyone loves it :P

    Oh well, either way, <3

      Except not

      See mark doesnt post 10 posts like this for every 1 good post he has

      And secondly I've never seen one of these jb hi do reviews make it to the front page of reedit or the like which is where most of plunketts stuff can be found


    Ex JB HI FI employee that wanted to impress female staff by being a smart ass.

    Reviewed by The Boss

    Umm... not to cast doubt onto this reviewers integrity but why did he write "Ash sucks" and then give it 4.5 stars?

      Because Ash isn't in them?

    I love JB Hi-Fi, I desperately want to work at my local store

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