This Is What The Witcher 2 Looks Like On Xbox 360

So we've already had a gander at the fancy schmancy cinematic from the Xbox 360 port of The Witcher 2, but it appears that some actual in-game footage has leaked. The commentary appears to be in Polish, but it still provides us with a pretty extensive look at what we can expect from the 360 version of The Witcher 2.

It looks... like The Witcher 2 I guess, but still it appears to be a pretty impressive port, and quite far along in the scheme of things. Very nice indeed.

Thanks OdysseusVA


    Seems to have lost the saturated sharpness of the PC version, and the textures. Still runs smoothly and retains the great art style.

      Sure the sharpness... But textures look pretty friggin amazing on the 360. stop bitching and comparing... For a console game? Best graphics on console id say.

    looks pretty great to me!

    I didn't understand one word that those guys were saying, though.

    Very Un-Australian /troll

    Pretty impressive for the 360. It'd be great if someone could do a side by side comparison with the PC version.

    Have CD Project announced plans for a PS3 version?

      No, and its looking unlikely at this stage. PC and 360 architecture is fairly similar so there's less work to do, but CDP is a relatively small studio and doesn't have the resources to do a proper port to PS3 as well.
      Would you really want them to release a sub-standard port which cost them profits and disappointed people?

        *cough* Bayonetta Port*cough*

        I do not mean to be rude but the archtiectures are not similar at all.

        PCs use the Intel architectures while the 360 uses PowerPC processors. Seriously, despite Microsoft being a PC company, they do not use PC like chips.

        The only PC like console is the original XBox but the others are either Cell BE or PowerPC.

      Maybe, maybe not.

        I guess the reception to the Xbox 360 version will determine whether or not the PS3 version is viable financially

    loving the incredibly small draw distance at 1:25-1:33

    So how many people here imported a save into The Witcher 2? Part of me wants to wait until I build my dream PC hopefully later this year so I can play it but this 360 version is looking more tempting every day. Just curious how many decisions in the original cross over into the sequel.

    I find it funny that the dev complained over high piracy on the pc version, then doesnt make a ps3 version also! No offence to the xbox crowd, but I think this would do better on ps3. Especially in japan.

      What on earth about this game screams 'huge potential Japanese fanbase' to you?

        The fact that its a hardcore rpg perhaps? If Skyrim can succeed in Japan, there's no reason this cant. And I never said 'huge potential Japanese fanbase'.

          Really? what's going to make it so much more brilliant on PS3?

          And you said "especially japan". This is a stupid comment, especially considering western RPG's flop big time in japan. They only care about JRPG's...

          I sure they wanted to put the game on the PS3 as well as the 360, but you have to look at it, the 360 is easier to code on. This will be CDR's first console title, might as well go with the easy platform first then see if its viable to spend the time and money on the PS3 version.

    Oh god, here come the PC fags.

      Being a PC gamer, im glad this game is coming to console. Its bloodly brilliant, one of the best rpgs ever made. Xbox fags need to buy this epic game and make the developer rich so they can start making The Witcher 3...

        Do you have to use that F word. Really? it's kinda offensive.

    Why the hell do people say that it would do better on PS3? Almost all games do better on the 360 . This is a hardcore game for hardcore gamers, ala the 360 crowd. Ps3 has their own damn exclusives.

    Looks sex-eh.

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