This Man's Asia Honeymoon With A Cardboard Girl

If you think being married to people is hard, try being married to a cardboard person and then globetrotting around with your better half. Your better cardboard half, that is.

Fabrice Requin is doing just that, trekking through Asia, making stops in Singapore, Bali, Japan and more. Have you ever seen a man with a cardboard bride stand at The Great Wall of China? You have now.

But Fabrice isn't really married to Holo (she wouldn't have him!). Rather, this is a photo project called Project Holo in which Fabrice poses with the life-size character.

Fabrice loves the anime Spice and Wolf and apparently doesn't feel odd about posing with wolf goddess Holo — or explaining to custom's officials at the airport that she's allowed two carry-ons.

His website is offline at the moment. You can follow his adventures on Facebook.

Fateful Encounters [Official Site via CrunchyRoll via Japanator]


    Props are due to a man doing something he loves! Live on soldier!

    Oh Spice and Wolf. You deserve better than this!

    What i wanna know is where did he get the awesome cardboard cutout of Holo. Do Want. (it's the same one that features in the first episode of Durarara!!)

    that cardboard has traveled more than 80% percent of the world's population for all I care.

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