This Modern Day Live-Action Skyrim Short Proves Some Things Never Change

It is the year 2012 in the province of Skyrim, a land where magic and technology coexist, and shopkeepers still haven't learned their lesson regarding irresponsibly placed head-sized buckets.

Brothers John and Justin Grosjean take a trip to present-day Whiterun in their latest YouTube creation, Skyrim: 2012. where they find not much has changed since the good old days. One dimensional non-player characters rattle off random lines of dialog unheeded. Store clerks can't initiate a transaction without offering some snippet of useless information, and yes, buckets can still be placed on heads.

In fact aside from modern day products and technology, the only thing that seems to have changed is the fact that two main characters are playing at once. Since this can't be the case, I hereby declare Justin John's AI companion.

See what happens when you pass us a link, Justin? Enjoy your new role.

Skyrim: 2012 [YouTube]


    lmao, not bad

    Funny but the fact that that shop sells a packect of camel ciggs for $5.35 and my local shop for $16.50 left a bad taste in my mouth.

      >left a bad taste in your mouth

    Not bad at all.

    That loading screen as they entered the short made my day :P

    The video is completely amazing.

    hahaha, thats awesome check out the part 2 also

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