This Old Republic Bug Makes The Universe Bigger. Perhaps Too Big.

Reader Ian hit a bug playing Star Wars: Old Republic over the weekend. Normally, we wouldn't give a rat's arse. Bugs happen. But this one was too great to ignore.

"World's Smallest Sith" isn't a designated class in the game, sadly, but it probably should be.


    Really? No information about what causes the bug, or any further details than "well, here's a screenshot of the bug"?

    Satele had turned into a thumbelina as well in a few cutscenes...

    Did Luke have to run to the toilet or something? This feels like a rushed/half assed news item.

      I thought that this was a Star Wars joke for a moment..

      You haven't read much Luke Plunkett have you?

    This was pretty common in the Beta. It's disappointing they haven't fixed it in the latest release.

    I've had a lot of cut-scenes where my crew appear in their underpants.

      Thats not a bug, its to make the characters more relatable to the person sitting in front of the computer.

    Personally I find it impressive the models keep eye contact...

    But that's just me :)

    I had this happen with an NPC who was tiny. At first I thought the model hadn't loaded, but then it did a long shot and I saw him. I was like 'Why isn't anyone drawing attention to how tiny this guy is?'

      And then there's all those players looking at those people staring at random NPC's thinking "Wow, watching people play videogames on acid is strangely entertaining" :D

    It's just a small bug, nothing to worry about.

      well played

    I had this happen when I was playing the starter world for my Jedi Knight.

    It was in a conference room, and there were various characters sitting around the table, but one chair was oddly empty... then the dialogue went on and some of the camera shots were focused on the empty chair with what seemed a ghost speaking... then there was a close up shot of this invisble speaker... and all I could see was this tiny character standing on the chair, looking up at me like a disgruntled smurf.

    I couldn't stop laughing.

    Then I realised, This isn't Skyrim... I'm paying a monthly fee for these bugs...

      Nice XD

      Yeah, I got the same bug - it looks like a problem with Satele Shan's character model.

      I've had her walk into the council chamber two inches tall...

      You payed foe the bugs in Skyrim too brohemian

    I too was a tiny Sith once, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

    In art they say less is more. Someone has to tell him this does not apply to journalism..

    Ah i see that Duke and his shrink ray has been running a muck in a galaxy far far away.

    I had this happen to me too, it was some lady in the starting Jedi town.

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