This Portable GameCube Looks A Bit Like A Wii U

This Portable GameCube Looks A Bit Like A Wii U

Opinion-based ‘fact’: The GameCube was so much better than the internet gives it credit for. Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Super Mario Sunshine, Pikmin, F-Zero GX, Resident Evil 4… for what was arguably Nintendo’s least celebrated console, the GameCube certainly had its fair share of incredible games. This awesome mod totally makes the GameCube portable and it kinda looks like the Wii U controller.

It was made by Jonathan Shine, from ModRetro and, speaking as someone who often gets mildly nostalgic for the GameCube, it looks like the kind of thing I’d happily drop a lot of money on.

Head to this thread over at ModRetro for more info.

The Envision – Tchay’s Second Portable Gamecube [ModRetro]

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  • The problem with the gamecube was it only had like 10 good games, and almost all of them were made by Nintendo. It had like…. 3 JRPGS on it and Resident Evil was the only shooter. Pikmin was fantastic (got myself the Wii version and loved it) and the Zelda games were good, but the PS2 and Xbox just had so many more games to offer, like GTA, Final Fantasy (the shitty GC spinoff game doesn’t count, it sucked) and Devil May Cry to name but a few. GC had it’s ass handed to it.

        • GC Fire Emblem was the worst in the series. Ike was so OP by the end of the game that I did the entire level using only him as a unit. He took down like 200 units by himself. My favourite FE was the second GBA one (Lynne and Elliwood I think), but GC was a lame disappointment…

          15 game completions to unlock all the bonus levels too lol.

          • I’m sure the second GBA game for western release was the sacred stones; Lynne and Eliwood was in the first.
            I found that although the GC Fire emblem wasn’t the best in terms of gameplay, the presentation and story made up for it; it didn’t feel rushed or overly long like the Fire Emblem on Wii. The character development felt stronger than the other series as well, IMO.

          • Worst in the series? Blasphemy! Well, I can’t really comment as I only played the two GBA instalments and the GCN one.

            It may be the worst in the series, but I loved it all the same.

          • I quit the Wii Fire Emblem after every map would have reinforcements appear from anywhere on the map and ruin any plans I had formed. The reinforcements were so random it took away any tactical planning (I realise planning for the reinforcements require tactics but this doesn’t flow well in an TRPG)

    • Please make a list of the “outstanding” games on other systems? Easy to say, well your game had 10 fantastic games but ps2 had more with (here are only 3 games that are awesome). Sure it wasn’t full of shovelware and no one would say the gamecube wasn’t trounced by its competitors but I think it’s a weak argument to say that the other consoles had more “good” games. Here are some more that weren’t included in that list: Super monkey Ball, Eternal Darkness, viewtiful Joe, Luigi’s Mansion…and that’s just off the top of my head. Well anyway no disrespect intended, of course everyone has a different opinion.

    • 1. Metroid Prime
      2. Metroid Prime 2
      3. Resident Evil Remake
      4. Resident Evil 0
      5. Resident Evil 4
      6. Super Mario Sunshine
      7. Zelda Twilight Princess
      8. Animal Crossing
      9. Pikmin
      10. Pikmin 2
      11. Fire Emblem Path of Radiance
      12. Luigi’s Mansion
      13. F-Zero
      14. Super Monkey Ball
      15. Viewtiful Joe
      16. Viewtiful Joe 2
      17. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes
      18. Baten Kaitos
      19. Super Monkey Ball 2
      20. Killer 7
      21. Paper Mario: TYD
      22. Soul Calibur II
      23. Zelda Wind Waker
      24. Eternal Darkness
      25. Super Smash Bros Melee
      26. Mario Kart Double Dash
      27. Tales of Symphonia
      28. Zelda Ocarina of time (W/ Master Quest)
      29. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
      30. Starfox Adventures

      The list goes on. But these games, I know for a fact, are awesome.

  • Ah the Gamecube….i really loved that console. Got it on launch with Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2. Other highlights included Eternal Darkness, Soul Calibur 2, Smash Bros, MGS: The Twin Snakes, & Jedi Outcast, & Mario Kart Double Dash. I really wish I kept it!

  • I loved the Gamecube. I couldn’t afford it at launch (I had already bought a PS2 because I also wanted a DVD player) but a couple of years later I snapped one up for $200 along with Mario Sunshine and I was set! I bought 14 games for that thing and still play them occasionally on the Wii.

  • While it didn’t have a high volume of games, I think back then I was quite happy to only have 1-2 new games a year, because I couldn’t afford any more than that. And it meant I was able to spend aaaages on any given game, instead of having to rush through them so I could get to the next one in my pile of shame.

    Also, the music in that video is awesome.

  • Gamecube was actually my favourite console last gen. I easily had more than 30 games for it, including:

    Metroid Prime 1 and 2
    Wind Waker
    Ocarina of Time Master Quest (bonus disc with Wind Waker)
    Tales of Symphonia (brilliant JRPG, btw)
    Resident Evil 4
    Resident Evil 1 remake
    Super Smash Bros Melee
    Mart Kart Double Dash
    Eternal Darkness
    Rogue Leader
    Rebel Strike
    Soul Calibur II (GC had the best version IMO, and no not because of Link)
    F-Zero GX
    Beyond Good and Evil
    Bomberman Generation (very under rated)
    Donkey Konga (original rhythm game years before GH or RB took off)
    Viewtiful Joe
    Lost Kingdoms
    Luigi’s Mansion
    Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trilogy
    Starfox Adventures
    Mario Smash Football (or Super Mario Strikers in NA)
    V Rally 3
    Turok Evolution

    So many fond memories. Honestly if you think the GC had only 10 good games then you obviously didn’t look very hard.

    I still have most of my GC games but will need to get rid of them soon as I no longer have a console that plays them (my Wii broke, and my new Wii doesn’t play GC games).

  • I still have my GC and I still love playing it. Just finished Skyward Sword, so I’m back to finishing Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

  • James Bond Nightfire was almost as good as Goldeneye multiplayer… But yes, GC were golden days for sure.

    • Nightfire had nothing on GoldenEye: Rogue Agent if you want to talk about splitscreen multi. Still, I loved both games and picked them both up for a pittance back in the day.

      Aaahhhhhh….. memories.

    • They were GC exclusive games, I doubt they’ll show up on XBLA (or PSN for that matter) any time soon.

      Probably more likely to see them on the Wii U’s store when that eventually launches.

    • Me too – that’s the one game (I bought a pre-owned copy for my GC a few years back and it was so badly scratched I had to return it – a damn shame) well that and Killer 7 that I want to see a HD re-release of.

      The GC had plenty of hardcore games but ultimately it was lacking one key element – GTA – had Nintendo not done so much to piss off DMA back on the N64 things might have turned out very differently

  • I am kind of sad because I am running out of games to buy for my Cube. I think I’m somewhere around the 85 mark. On the other hand, I can stop buying games that I’m not playing yet >_>

    • Impressive! I think I got to 37 and havent gotten more.. I just dont get enough time to play them (even if its is a collection..)

  • What made the game cube decent was the 99$ price tag. At its original price I probably wouldn’t of touched it, but if you had some change floating around and you wanted to feed the embers of your N64 nostalgia, it was a bargin.

  • All I have ever wanted was a potable Gamecube. It is hands down my favorite console of all time, tonnes of great games and memories..

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