This Wind Waker Sequel Doesn't Exist. But Its Trailer Is Awesome.

Canadian animator Joel Furtado wants to see Nintendo make a sequel to Wind Waker. In HD. Since they're likely to do no such thing, he went and made his own trailer for the dream project.

Called The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Oracle, it looks...well, for a guy working on this for fun in his spare time it looks amazing.


    There was a sequel to wind waker, it's called phantom hourglass

      To be fair, Luke should have said "wants to see Nintendo make a GOOD sequel to Wind Waker."

      Really? That's such a poor excuse of a sequel to a game that is infintely more superior.

        Regardless of whether or not it's good (I liked it), it exists. Alien 3 exists, even if it's terrible. This exists too.

    Looks sweet!

    Nintendo are so dumb. They could print money with games like this.

    Oh man, I want an HD cel-shaded Zelda sooooo bad ... Cel-shading is so underused, outside of Borderlands you don't see a lot of it these days.

    No doubt the next Zelda will be ultra-high res and, whilst probably not "realistic", will look closer to Skyrim than Windwaker. I guess that's not too bad either.

    Parts of it reminded me of a WayForward game. So pretty.

    If Nintendo came up with something like this I would actually consider buying a WiiU.

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