This Xbox 360 Controller Dispenses Hot Pockets

It''s like a dream come true.

Master craftsman Ben Heck has built this custom Xbox 360 controller which contains a rather useful add-on: a hot pocket dispenser. Which I guess would work just as well for kebabs, sausage rolls, etc, depending on where you live!

You'll never have to take your hands of the controller to eat again.

Those short on time/attention spans can skip to around 13:00 to see it in action.


    I know this is probably too much of a leap for most to follow, but upon reading the title, I was expecting a controller that smartly dispenses some of the heat created by holding the controller... you know... like... pockets of heat... I was let down by the reality :( I'd love a PS3 pad that keeps cool and dry.

      You know what i think you're onto something there, my gaming room can get down to -5 in winter and i cant wear gloves and play. This is and awesome idea Patent pending, patent pending, patent pending.

    What exactly is a hot pocket? Is that one in the pic? Some sort of pizza roll?

      Its a well known American snack with 40+ varieties mostly just microwavable food inside a pastry sleeve.

        basically fat rolled in fat pretty much would sum it up, like most american food. Oh there would have to be some corn thrown in there as well.

          And sugar, don't forget sugar. Or was the corn you suggested in syrup form?

    This is why the rest of the world shakes their head at America...

    Besides the fact that they claim they speak English, yet always seem from refrain from doing so.

    If those fat, diabetics spent their energy on things other than creating new and novel ways to eat whilst remaining sedentary, they would have built neo-Atlantis by now

      woah, they don' t think they speak English, they think they speak American.

    Those controllers aren't big enough for my kebab.

    Stop trying to make us equally fat, Amurka.

    I can't believe I just watched that... I don't know about you, but I prefer taking a break and using a plate ;D

    Kotaku really needs a ridiculous stamp

    What the hell is a Hot Pocket? I'm not sure if you know this, but here In Australia we eat Chico Rolls... Not these Hot Pocket things.

      I think only South Australia does this. I've never seen Chico Rolls anywhere else.

        Pretty sure woolworths and Coles sell em hahaha

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