Time To Visit Capcom's Bar!

Capcom, who makes video games, has a bar, which serves food and drinks. Today, Japanese website Famitsu.com posted photos of a recent visit to the establishment.

The place serves Capcom themed food, and it's on the pricey side. Famitsu's photos, in the above gallery, don't exactly make the dishes look appetising. But maybe the food tastes better than it looks! (Or maybe it's just overpriced bar food.)

Though, I'm pretty sure brain-shaped cake with a knife stuck in it and covered in raspberry sauce would never taste that great. Otherwise, we'd all be eating brain-shaped cake, and we're not for good reason: it's gross-looking.

おいしい料理を堪能しながら最新ゲームも楽しめる"カプコンバー"内覧会が開催 [Famitsu]


    Every thing looks cool in but doesn't look like it would taste good.

    Lawyers = Pasta and Rice.

    Couldn't agree more :S

      Some of the meat also looks highly suspect and dry.

    Let me guess, you buy food or drink and then they come out with a better version of that product forcing you into buying that one as well.

    Yeah, no.

    Food looks terrible. Still a cool idea though.

    who else read the sign as "crap bar"?

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