Touch My Katamari Trailer Needs 500% More Crazy To Be Really Katamari

It's been a rocky ride for Namco's Katamari games ever since Keita Takahashi left the Japanese publisher. The odd, left-field whimsy that the game designer imbued 2004's Katamari Damacy with dwindled with each sequel. Still, Stephen Totilo's last look at Touch My Katamari made me wonder if Namco might be finding their way back to some kind of charm or interesting mechanics with the franchise.

This trailer takes any hope of that away. I mean, yeah, there's a goofy art style and pompous, tone-deaf narration and the King of All Cosmos. Those things are there. But they don't feel right, like a little kid re-telling a joke he heard older kids on the school bus laughing about.

I don't know, Namco. I may not want to touch this Katamari after all.


    Da Da, Doob dub doob da bo da ba Doop doop doop dube boop da bu da ba I cant hear you!!!

    No...NOOO! What...was that?? Because that wasn't Katamari at all!

    I spent hours last night playing Katamari Forever and it was good.

    But what the FUCK did I just watch?

    Are like the same
    Are like the same
    Are like the same
    Are like the same
    Are like the same...

    that was the worst video ever... of all time.

    King of Cosmos face is giving me nightmares D:

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