TV Newsman Wonders If It's Bad For Toddlers To Play Video Games

More and more toddlers are playing video games, sometimes before they can even talk. Derek James, co-host of Charlotte, North Carolina's FOX News Rising investigates... using his very cute son as his guinea pig.

Toddlers Playing Video Games More Than Ever [FOX Charlotte]


    This is that same dude who said the 3DS gave you giant headaches and was bad for everyone to use...

    Admittedly it does give you a headache the first time you use it, but horrifically it stops happening after a few hours... :s

    That kids crap. I would pwn him!

    He complains/warns about kids isolating themselves when on a handheld. COUGH COUGH SMARTPHONES COUGH COUGH

    Yay for Cortex Command at 0:27.

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