Two Call Of Duty Gamers Ponder The Easiest Kill They’ll Ever Get

Two Call Of Duty Gamers Ponder The Easiest Kill They’ll Ever Get


Two soldiers are wearing ghillie camouflage suits to blend in with the urban setting. Their adversary is frozen in a mysterious forcefield.

Ghillie Suit No. 1: “Whut th’ hail you think’s goin’ on?”

Ghillie Suit No. 2: “Looks like he’s in one-a-them Force Grips, you know whar the Sith choke you and stuff?”

Pending Victim: “…”

Ghillie No. 1: “Is he daid?”

Ghillie No. 2: “No, looks ‘live to me.”

Pending Victim: “…”

Ghillie No. 1: “Well kill ‘im!”

Ghillie No. 2: “With mah sniper? Point blank? I only do that in a panic.”

Pending Victim: “…”

Ghillie No. 1: “Well alright.” *MELEE*

[h/t Dan Borenstein]


  • Before anybody complains about this not being news, I just want to say that I watch the video and laughed. Good ’nuff for me.

  • BF3 has an issue like this or had an issue like this. Sometimes when you revived a player down, he/she would appear like that. Arms out and floating, not being able to do anything but move around. It was funny watching it from the other side because you kill the player, watch him being revived, kill the medic and stand there watching the guy float around.

  • This happened to my unit in Afganistan once, some jihad insurgent came storming down the hill spraying an AK-47 and screaming something I couldn’t understand. Joel and I quickly took cover and scrambled to ready our weapons. We were scared shitless.

    Just as we thought we were goners, suddenly the gunfire stopped. After what seemed like forever, I quickly glimpsed over the ditch on the side of the road to see what had happened. There was the insurgent, standing in the middle of the road, weapons dropped, arms in the air, doing the robot dance move.

    We were perplexed, it freaked the hell out of both of us. Joel didn’t want to take any chances, so he ran up and slashed the guy’s throat.

    That is a memory that will never, ever, leave my mind.

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