UFC Undisputed 3 Career Mode Trailer Released… And I’m Still Confused!

UFC Undisputed 3 Career Mode Trailer Released… And I’m Still Confused!

Kotaku reader Ruffleberg and I are pretty big UFC/MMA fans, and after watching Alastair Overeem vs Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 we both started wondering about UFC Undisputed 3 and, specifically, the game’s singleplayer mode. The game is so close to release, but we still don’t know much about it — what gives?

I had hoped that this new trailer, released today by THQ and Yuke’s would possibly shine some more light on the game’s singleplayer career mode, but it doesn’t give too much away. This leads me to believe that not too much has changed since previous games.

Personally I was kinda hoping for a Fight Night Champion style drama. EA really managed to set the bar for career modes in sports games in my humble opinion, and after watching the movie Warrior, I was hoping for something along the same lines for UFC Undisputed 3. Maybe next time!

That said, even if it is scant on actual gameplay detail, this trailer is a pretty interesting watch. It features Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, who talks through some major points in his career, which included two ‘ass-whuppins’ from Wanderlei Silva, and intersperses this with simulated game footage replicating those matches. Cool stuff for MMA fans.

As for detail on the career mode itself? Well, I’m still waiting!


    • It’s all in the eye of the beholder… where most people see grappling technique and a struggle for position, you see home-erotic man-hugs.

      Maybe that says more about you than the sport.

      • Maybe i should take your word for it. After all, you are omniscient!

        On a more serious note, i actually work in the apparel industry, and one of our major brands is an MMA brand. The more i see of it, the more i just can’t stand it.
        I understand there is A LOT of technique along with copious amounts of testicular fortitude, but it still comes off to me as being somewhat barbaric and a little stupid.

        I do, however, like the ‘big hit’ clips that i happen to stumble accross on yourtube every now and then, which causes a prompt “BITCH GOT KNOCKED THE F OUT!” from me. Obviously i still harbour some barbaric tendancies..

        But more than any of that, i just find it intensely boring. So very very boring.

        I also can’t identify with the fans. While there are some exceptions to the rule, a lot of the are try-hard bogans whom would be lucky to have a brain cell to share between the lot of them.

        But as you said, it’s perception.

        • “While there are some exceptions to the rule, a lot of the are try-hard bogans whom would be lucky to have a brain cell to share between the lot of them.”

          You know, that’s really not any different from the “Nerdy Shut-In” gamer stereotype.

          I’m a big fan of martial arts and, by extension, MMA. I agree that many grappling matches can get pretty boring, even if you do understand the techniques at play.

          It’s a fascinating and deeply strategic sport, though. The takedowns and wrestling add an extra dimension that forces fighters to set up their punches and kicks more effectively if they don’t want to have their legs taken out.

          There are some people who will never enjoy it, just like any other sport. I think Cricket is one of the most boring past times on the face of the planet, but I don’t make judgements about its audience based on my opinion.

          • 1. We can both agree on cricket. It is absolutely HORRIBLE.

            2. I also like martial arts quite a lot, but as i said, i just can’t seem to get into MMA

        • In regards to the fans of MMA, I’ve found that ‘deadbeat bogan’ is the exception rather than the rule. The majority of fans I’ve met have been knowledgable, respectful and intelligent functioning members of society. True, you will get the occasional rough nut but it’s the same with any sport. I’ve been to both the UFC events in Sydney and atmosphere was pretty relaxed and contray to popular belief no fights broke out after everyone left.

          It’s a great sport and alot of the enjoyment comes from knowledge. The knockouts will get your attention but the technique and skill will keep you there.

          • See that’s the strange thing.
            The people ho i have worked closely with have been god-complex half-wits.
            Same with people i have dealt with who buy the stuff for resale.
            A lot of fans i have seen have been the same 20-something who think they are the kings of street fighting. But maybe that;s because they’re the ones that talk about it the most? who knows?

            Though i don’t doubt that there are plenty of sensible fans out there, such as yourselves

        • All the ‘fashion’ that surrounds MMA is just appalling. I can’t really understand how a dude can think he’s hella tough while wearing a white shirt with neon crosses, pseudo tattoo eagles, glitter and sequins?

          How does that work???

  • You know what has changed? There’s no stat decay. That alone makes campaign mode way better than previous iterations.

  • I hope it is along the lines of fight night champion. Start off in the local fight circuit, fight your way up, get better contracts, better fights…maybe add a bit of a story into it. I also hope they took a page out of EA’s book in terms of the online modes. The intro videos were a nice touch but could have been implemented alot better.

    Got to pre-order soon but just waiting for a limited edition which will hopefully feature some more exclusive fighters.

  • I’d rather there was no terrible melodrama in the career mode. I’d rather a career mode that required you to manage the various facets of a fight career, not some lame attempt to LARP Rocky.

  • i am going to be blunt about the career mode in UFC: it’s going to be the same sucky clunky single-player social-game menus-labyrinth as in all yuke’s wrestling (and UFC) games in the past.

    yuke’s has this tiny little baby budget which is good for nothing aside from making Basically The Same Game, Only A Little Shinier. which is a god darn shame, because these UFC games represent their first attempts at making anything aside from a button-mashing wrestling simulation-disaster — and they’re also moderately successful, and they’re also the best games yuke’s has ever made.

    in short, jerks be not wanting to take risks, is what it is!

    i tell you what, though: a proper career mode in a fight sim — or any other type of sports game — could be enormous. i’ve been talking about perfecting the “romantic comedy alternative to grand theft auto” in game design meetings for years now, and i’m convinced that the way to make it financially viable is to make it about sports. what (american) gamer wouldn’t want to be michael jordan? (yes, fight night champion was my idea (lol))

    in short, they need to go big or go home, and i’m sure they don’t have the money to go big, so they’ll go home.

    • I played the alpha It has improved dramatically from the last game, the striking is a lot more fluid and seems more realistic especially the sim modes. The only thing I did not like it the sub system I don’t think it flows with the game

      • Surely it’s better than the “shine”, though? That was one of the worst gameplay ideas I’ve ever seen. I stopped playing because my stick was getting loose and I couldn’t afford $50 for a new controller just for one game.

  • Don’t worry, Mark. I’m sure you’ll find out what the career mode is all about for Sweaty Dick Punching 3 soon enough. 😛

    • It’s UFC not Schindler’s List. Why does it need a story at all? The standard sports game career mode is more than fine.

  • I don’t really know too much about this latest UFC game but am I correct in thinking that there’s the option of a more simplified control scheme this time? I have the first Undisputed and I enjoyed it for the most part – I just always wished it was easier to pick up and play.

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