Uncharted As A Gay Romance? It Kind Of Works!

I recently opined that one of the things I didn't like about Uncharted 3 was that it lacked a delightful love-triangle like the one in Uncharted 2. Turns out maybe there was one, and most of us just missed it.

The jokers at "Touchbone Pictures" have put together this parody trailer for Uncharted: Drake's Devotion, which creatively cuts together scenes from Uncharted 3 to make it appear as though Drake did have a non-Elena love-interest in the game: Namely, his friend and mentor Victor "Sully" Sullivan.

Recently, Destructoid's Jim Sterling opined that Drake "would make a fantastic homosexual". Maybe he would, at that.

This also reminds me of that "Shining" trailer that, via creative use of Peter Gabriel, re-packaged Kubrick's horror classic as a coming-of-age family film.

Uncharted: Drake's Devotion Parody Trailer [YouTube via Justin Keverne]


    Get a better voive-over guy and this would be perfect...

    Just shows the importance of context.

    hahahha Thats AMAZING! "From the creators of Kane and Lynch: Crazy in Love"

    Bromance is not a Gay Romance. voice over guy needs to learn the difference.

      looks a bit more than a bromance to me! haha

    There was alot of problems in Uncharted 3, but I must say this would of made it interesting tho.

    Hahahahaha! That was great :P

    Kinda like Brokeback to the Future

    look at the credits: directed by Senor Spielbergo


      Loved that Episode, Simpsons classic.


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