Unnecessary Censorship Of Skyrim Remains Very [BLEEP]ing Funny

Okay, yes, inserting censorship *bleep*s over clean dialogue to suggest naughtiness is a cheap way to get a laugh. And yes, it's something that Jimmy Kimmel has already done to death. And yet, this second "Unnecessary Censorship" video of Skyrim is actually funnier than the first one, which we posted a while back.

Some of these are, frankly, a bit disturbing, even. favourite lines this time around:

"Don't let my appearance fool you. I'm older than you. A lot older. Getting [bleep]ed by a vampire when you're 10 will do that to a girl."

"The gods gave you two hands, and you use them both for your [bleep]. I can respect that"

And the winner:

"Well, I enjoy moonlit nights, taking long s[bleep]s on the beach, knitting, and unicorns."

I've often wondered where the people of Skyrim take dumps. Turns out it's on the beach.

Thanks, Mathue, for the tip.


    first one was very clever but now they are meh.

    I feel ashamed to admit that I laughed at a few of those.

    Nothing like a good aquabog the morning after a beach party

    That lady and the uncle sounded like genuine censoring, no way that was innocent times

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