Use PC Mods On The Mobile Versions Of GTA III

Use PC Mods On The Mobile Versions Of GTA III

Merry (belated) Christmas, owners of the recently-released Grand Theft Auto III on iOS and Android. That mobile version you bought is actually, in almost every respect, the old PC version of the original, meaning if you can get at its file structure, you can use PC mods on it.

For Android users it’s as easy as going to your “Android/Data/com.rockstar.gta3/files/GTA3” directory, while iOS users may need to get a little trickier (or have a jailbroken unit).

This isn’t a complicated workaround; because this is essentially the PC code running on a phone, you just find PC mods and drop them in the right directory and they should work, same as they would on a computer.

Unexpected bonus: Grand Theft Auto III for Android and iOS can be easily modded [The Verge]


  • I got this the other day for my Galaxy Nexus.
    God it’s hard to play… all those touch screen controls, I don’t know.

    Maybe I’m getting old.

  • bought it for the galaxy s2, runs perfecty. played on the sony tablet s also, no control problems at all. i think it plays perfectly fine, i don’t know why people have a problem with touch screen controls?

    • I think the reason people (including myself) don’t like touch screen controls is that there is no tactile feedback. This is the case both when you are pushing a button or, more importantly, trying to locate a button without looking. GTAIII is a great port but trying to find a certain button at a certain time, it just takes you out of the action.

      • that and, (for me at least) the buttons are too small and close together on the iphone version, I keep hitting left when i want to go right and such

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