Using The ZX Spectrum To Make Awesome Art

Using The ZX Spectrum To Make Awesome Art

My first computer was a ZX Spectrum 48k. And I was obsessed. Often when games loaded (this typically took a long time) the developers would give you a loading screen to look at. Sometimes they were incredible. Now there are a group of artists trying to work within the restraints of the ZX Spectrum’s limitations, to create pieces of art. Some of them are quite cool.

Don’t get me wrong, some of them are also a bit shit, like pictures of stupid clowns or rubbish unicorns but still, interesting idea, and some nice executions.

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  • The Speccy-C64 “war” was so strong, we could still argue about it during Game Room development.

    Good times.

    (The C64 is obviously better, Serrels. I mean, obviously.)

  • @ Mark. – did u grow up in UK??? I read about c64 v speccy playground wars but as an aussie + no one had a speccy – it was c64 all the way!!!! Though we had trs80s @ school

    • The ZX Spectrum was still around in Aus – think of it more as the Sega MegaDrive to the Nintendo 64 and the Sony Playstation.

      • I just dont remember ever seeing one. I remember the amstrad cpc and their later versions but I dont remember the rubber keyed speccy ever. Nor do I ever remember seeing the games on sale anywhere. Amstrad yes but original spectrum – no. Having said that ive got a pile of spectrum games from a salvos – so someone had one

        • My first computer was the ZX81, precursor to the Spectrum. My uncle in the UK sent it out when he upgraded to a Vic 20. It had 1kB of RAM though I was fortunate enough to get the RAM expansion pack and enjoy a massive 16kB!

          During that time I only ever knew one person who had the Spectrum. I remember being insanely jealous of him. Colour! Sound! Actual games!

          Then I received a C64 one Christmas and everything changed. 😉

          • Ha ha. Zx81. I was a commodore kid and reading the english mags I knew all about the spectrum , BBC etc but I never saw them in the wild in Oz. Heaps of commodore – radio shack and apple but i never saw me a spectrum.

          • I remember also reading of the 1k aquarius and seeing type in listings for it back in the day. LOL. I actually think there still is a online comp to see what you can do with 1k.

          • I bought the UK magazines from time to time (such as I could at that age) but the tapes invariably never shipped with them. Thus I had no choice but to sit there and spend hours typing in a program, hoping I wouldn’t mess up anything along the way.

            Then of course, having typed everything in, the challenge was to not knock the power plug out the side of the ZX81 in my excitement that everything worked before I’d managed to save to tape.

            Fun times.

  • @ miffy – u r comparing two different generations – i realise spectrums were released in oz – but too an extremely small group when compared to UK and spain etc

  • These look very colourful for a speccy, most games I remember seeing were very monochromic.I did a year in the english school system and recall many speccy Vs. C64 arguements/fights and the posh kids had BBC micro’s and Apple II’s, rich twats.But in the UK noone had had a disc drive for their C64’s, it was like the dark ages waiting 20 mins for a game to load of a “datacette”, whatever the hell that was.

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