Video Game Anagram Covers Are Hilarious

For a while now, NeoGAF user jarosh has been making anagrams out of video game names, giving each not just a new title, but new box art to go with it. They usually involve a little Photoshop work to go with the new name, and as a result can be slightly NSFW, but the more effective ones are those where the name change does all the comedic work on its own.

You can see all of them, and bookmark the thread for future updates, at the link below.

the 2012 video game anagram photoshop thread [NeoGAF]


    Ride Shit is the best one IMHO.

    Mathnun pre-ordered! And that Metroid one is fantastic!

    Ride Shit one is so true. But I'm actually more impressed at the person matching all the font styles.

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