Video Gaming's List Of Who's Who And Where They Stand On SOPA

Much credit to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, for maintaining this registry of members of the Electronic Software Association and their on-the-record positions regarding the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), a bill almost universally despised by rank-and-file gamers.

Why is this important? The ESA, the industry's principal lobbying arm in the United States, backs SOPA, meaning it does so in their names, even if it contradicts their own individual positions. As we saw last week, some really big names in the business took their names off the official list of supporters of the bill. But those who are still opposed to SOPA may still pressure these companies further by demanding they call for the organisation representing them to drop its support. That, however, doesn't appear likely for the near term.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has culled sources such as publisher's Facebook pages, and has contacted all others for a statement of their positions. It'll update the list as they check in.

For a broader list of supporters of SOPA, and how to contact them, check out this list compiled by Gizmodo

Senate debate of SOPA is set for Jan. 24.

ESA Members And SOPA: Where They Stand [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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    Homer: "That's just a movie, son. There's nobody that evil in real life.''

      Homer: What, they have the internet on computers now?

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    Not a very informative list with most listed as contacted and a few againt.

    Not that it would be a smart move but it appears nobody has come out and said I support this. It's essentially like painting a target on yourself.

    only affects americans, i don;t care about it


      Hard to tell if you're trolling or not, gonna assume you're not just to be safe. Just rest assured that it will definitely affect you, probably just as much as the average internet user of America.

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