Want That Metal Gear 3DS? You Won't Like This.

Konami is releasing a special Metal Gear Nintendo 3DS. Good luck on trying to get one, though. You'll have to jump through all sorts of hoops.

Not only is Konami selling it through its online store Konami Style (ungh) for ¥22,980 (US$299), it's only being sold by raffle — to those who register with a Konami ID. If you don't have a Konami ID, you'll need one. And then, you may not even get the thing, but Konami has you registered. Yeah, that's fair.

If people want this special 3DS, why not make it available to them, Konami? Why make things harder to get than they should be? Why make people register with Konami Style? Why, why, why?



    Wait, hold on. You're saying you pay ¥22,980 just for the Raffle ticket!?

      More likely your konami ID is a raffle ticket.

      And if you win you then get the option of paying for the limited edition 3DS.

      Which why wouldn't you, even if you didn't want it you could sell that thing for a mint

    Because thats how they usually do this kind of thing?

    I'm hardly shocked. This is similar to how they handled their special edition playstations.

    Like machienzo said, do you have to pay $300 for astinkin raffle ticket?

      of course not.

    This is probably the shittiest 3DS they could have made.. Why not The Splitter or Leaf camo with the FOX logo etched into it in gold?


    Marketing one-oh-one: get customer details for future use.

    Is that... carbon fibre effect stuck all over it?

    At least it's going to be a PROPER limited release

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