Warner Bros. Wants To Make Movies Out Of A Book Based On A Giant Video Game

I got excited in 2008 when news hit somebody was making a game based on Tad Williams' Otherland series of books. That game never turned up. Since it was an MMO, I am already over it, and now excited all over again because Otherland is being turned into very expensive motion pictures instead.

The books, set in the not-too-distant future, are about a video game gone mad, a planet's obsession with virtual reality coming undone when people start entering their game worlds and never coming back out again.

Warner Bros., fresh off the completion of the Harry Potter series, apparently wants to turn Otherland into its next tentpole franchise, with scripts already being kicked around.


(Top photo courtesy of Patrick Othfuss)


    While I'd be more excited for "Memory, Sorrow and Thorn", I'm interested to see if they'll turn each book into two or three 3 hour movies, or if they'll manage to cut each book down.

      Should be easy enough to cut it down. Otherland was (if I remember correctly) padded out to the max.
      Either way I don't think I'll see it. Yet another science "fantasy" story with about as much science cred as a Terry Prachett novel. :/

        Possibly not the greatest example, given the fact that Terry Pratchett has written a series of novels that alternate between his fantasy world and real-world mathematicians/scientists discussing the ideas raised in the novel sections.

        You can have a solid grasp of science and use it to build a fictional universe that runs on its own unique self-contained fantasy logic.

    Would of been perfect mmo material, such a shame...

    Sounds cool, but I can see the head lines now.

    "Latest hollywood flick depicts the real life consequences of video games" or some lie



    which is apparently coming in 2012, is that the one that you mean isn't coming anymore?

    IT seemed a bit odd that because of my location (Aus) I couldn't register for it, screenshots looked pretty good, but that's about all that's there.

    That's... not what I would have described the Otherland books as being about. At all.

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