Watch An Orderly Japanese Nerd Horde. It Will Blow Your Mind.

Have you ever wondered what thousands and thousands of Japanese otaku (geeks) look like when they swoop on a single spot? They look like this.

The above video starts slow, but stick with it (or skip to 1 minute and 25 seconds in), and then marvel at the crowd that formed over night and how orderly they snake into the convention centre for this winter's Comiket.

This video was filmed over a fourteen-hour period on Comiket's third day from the nearby Washington Hotel. The camera recorded every five seconds at 30fps. According to the individual who filmed this, YouTube user Moconago, the effort and energy of the highly organised Comiket line staff resulted in this peaceful and proper lining up of Comic Market visitors.

Moconago also asked viewers to pardon the dew condensation and background glare on the hotel window.

Comic Market, aka Comiket, is the largest self-published comic convention in the world. It wrapped up the last three days of Dec., drawing over 500,000 people.

コミックマーケット81 三日目の西待機列の様子 [YouTube]


    I love the street performer at the end, the crowd looks like the surge on him like a zombie horde

    and the British think they know how to queue!

    A bit boring at the begining. Blank screen is not entertaining.
    Nice vid though.
    I hope to be one of those ants one day.

    The Lasst GUUUYYYY

    I've been a part of those lines many times... but its amazing to watch it from above.
    Shame there isn't an even more zoomed out version... Would be amazing to see both the East and West entrances (this one is the West entrance) at the same time.

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