We Won't Be Able To Play Syndicate, But At Least We Can Watch This Trailer... Right?

Am I right guys? [Awkward silence]. Most likely you are already well aware that Syndicate has been refused classification in Australia but this new trailer, which showcases the game's co-op amongst other things, hardly reveals anything to suggest the game is more violent than any other shooter on the market.

Of course, we're not seeing the full picture, and if the report from the classification board is accurate, it seems like the game does not deserve to pass under an MA15+ rating. Regardless, here's hoping that an R18+ rating can be pushed through quickly at some point in 2012. We might get the chance to play this game at some point.

Thanks Machinima


    This game comes out in March, right? Unless we have an R18+ rating before then, I don't think we have any chance of EA resubmitting it for classification. they said themselves that even if we get a rating in the future there'll be no point resubmitting because the game will be long forgotten.

    If it reviews well, there's always ozgameshop. So far we haven't really been missing anything worthwhile on games that get RC'd, so I'd like a Syndicate reboot to be the first exception to the rule.

      Haven't been missing anything worthwhile... Mortal Kombat?

        I stand by my statement.

          and you would be wrong.

            Well, I guess I've been told then.

              someone had to because you're wrong :D

                I'm with Matthew on this one.

                Oh well, Gerry Harvey can keep complaining because my money will be going overseas for this game if its half decent.

                Australian retail, good night, sweet prince.

              You were right, Mortal Kombat was shit. Utter casual scrub shit. Count yourself lucky you didn't waste money on it.

                Not a fan of the Mortal Kombat series I take it?

                Mortal Kombat was amazing, you are a muppet.

                  And you are no doubt 12, whoah isn't it past your bed time?

          Only one thing is the perfect response to what you just said;


      "haven’t really been missing anything worthwhile on games that get RC’d"..

      Everyone missed out when Left 4 Dead 2 was RC'd in this country... everyone.

      L4D2 (AU Cut) is the perfect example why we need an R18+ rating, and not just for the fact we'll all be saved from experiencing these shitty game edits.

    I have to get around to looking at some material for this game to see if I want it. In the wonderful world of digital PC releases getting one's hands on this is simply a non issue.

      May have to import just hope Origin doesn't block it from their end.

        Region locks.

        The Horror.

    I'm of two minds about this.

    While I'm all for adult games for adults, this just seems like violence for violence sake in the guise of a title that the new breed of shooter fans might have heard of but probably never played.

      ...you're younger than those of us who played the original, aren't you?

      SAME content, MORE realistic humans.

      The same bloody OFLC/ACB argument.

        ..the same mindless blockheaded knockdowns we're all dealing with.

    I notice that the RC report makes no mention of drugs, something that has caused classification issues in the past (Fallout 3). Presumably, this confirms that this is a Syndicate game in name only. :-(

    Dero it has drugs, but not real name drugs

    thats where the RC kicks in, when it has the same name.

      Thanks, Choc. Obviously another perfectly sensible guideline they're following!

        "No Billy, no weed for you! Weed is evil! However, here! Have some deeW!"

        But prescription drugs and alcohol abuse... COME ON DOWN!! Fully endorsed and proudly supported!

    as a 30 year old im sick of being told what I can and cannot have access to.

      No one said you can't have access to this game - just that you have to import it!

      In politics two wrongs make a right ^.^

        It's illegal to import it to, mate. They can confiscate it in customs and send you a fine for almost a grand if they catch it

          and the chances of that are 00001% i got mortal kombat in very easily and so did everyone i talked to. Also you don't get fined you get a warning first so.... WRONG

          You get a warning first. Instant fines are only for bulk imports.


          You are allowed to own any RC product in Australia as long as you don't sell it.

          You can only be fined for importing 10 or more copies of the game, as this shows intent to sell.

          They cannot fine you for 1 copy of the game.

            Actually, I think it's less than 10.

            Let's go with more than 3

    I was vaguely interested in the title, but now I'm going to import it out of pure spite, as I do with every game that gets banned in Australia.

    Ah, Dark Sector, still in your shrink wrapped packaging.

    Except games that are RC prior to the release of the R18+ rating are not going to be reviewed under the new rating. an RC is still gonna be an RC unless a new version is released and re-submitted

      Exactly right and lets not forget even if the R18+ game comes in there will still be games getting banned so.... its pointless

      The addition of DLC makes a game a new version. Even something as simple as a weapon skin pack I believe.

    It makes no difference really if its RC or not (other than principal) anyhow. Who buys games locally anymore?

      I'm trying hard, but I feel like a sap buying $20-60 games for $80-120!

    A chick called Akuma.... man those Street fighter fans are gonna flip their shit AHAHAHAHA

    I don't usually play FPS but because this ones banned.. I'm starting to feel the need to get it.

      You realise that's a common Japanese name right?

      Like Japan's Sarah.
      (Well, that'd be Sara actually, but you get the idea!)

        So one of SF's big bads was given a girl's name?

    Who said anything about buying it? Sorry but if the government want's to deny me my adult right to buy/play/watch whatever I want, then fuck the government and sorry EA, but I will be obtaining it by other methods. The government has a helping hand in hurting the gaming and sales industry sometimes I swear.

      Why do you think we pay $100+ per game when the US gets them for about $69.95

    This is exactly why I own US consoles and import all my games.

    To hell with these dictators and their shambles of a rating system that nobody wants or understands.

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