We Won't See A Next Gen Xbox At This Year's E3 Claims Microsoft France

I've had the strangest feeling recently — that I'll go to E3 this year with a head full of next-generation dreams only to be disappointed as both Sony and Microsoft no-show their new consoles. Sony has already stated they won't be unveiling a new PlayStation at this year's E3, and now an executive at Microsoft France is saying any talk of a next gen Xbox at this year's E3 is "premature".

"We’re in an industry that talks a lot, that likes to tell stories," said Microsoft France's Marketing Director Cedrick Delmas. "I am not convinced things will happen this year. Xbox 360′s cycle is not at all finished. The proof is that we don’t see the logic in cutting the price this year. E3 is still premature. What’s certain is that there’ll be nothing new in 2012."

I'd imagine that information surrounding any announcement of a next generation Xbox at E3 2012 would be tightly mananged by execs in Microsoft's game division — to the extent that it's possible that Delmas may not be aware of any announcement, or Delmas is aware, but under strict orders to not divulge anything.

But the simple explanation, of course, is that Microsoft simply isn't going to announce anything this year.

Xbox - "Rien de nouveau en 2012" [Le Point via VG247]


    I don't understand why anybody would make any major announcement at E3, whether it's for hardware or software. There's so much going on and so much stuff being showed off that it all kind of blends together and gets lost in the noise. Surely they're better off announcing their new consoles at their own, dedicated events when they won't have to compete for attention with other announcements all being made at the same time?

      Thats a good point, also as facisnating as i find a new console from either company to be i'm just not sure why we really need one at this stage. As cliche as it is cant we cherish the time we have with our current consoles. Cherish.

      I disagree. Due to the sheer amount of media attention the big shows get, it would be a good place to show off your new product.

      E3 will be covered by any publication worth it's salt, and the reveals from the big companies will garner a lot of attention from media outlets, and by extension, consumers.

        Plus it's possible to 'win' E3... which a solid console announcement is sure to help do.

      I just think it's what is being announced, whether it will gain traction.

      There is so much going on at E3, normally it's the games that get overlooked, especially if you are a smaller developer, or if you don't actually have a playable demo on the floor, etc.

      Hardware is different though and will always get the attention it deserves, just look at Nintendo and what they did with the Wii U. The announcement was pretty average, the details were very scarce and certainly has worked against them in many regards, but the stories kept coming, people were still talking and wanting to know what exactly it can do.

      For me personally, nothing they have stated has got me off the fence over it, E3 2012 will arguable open the flood gates if they plan on releasing late this year and that's where the full details will come, but the E3 2011 announcement has still somewhat worked well.

    Doesn't Microsoft have its own mini-con for Xbox related things? Or was that just in the past?

      If not they should, why not hold their own event for it? Or is it not practical? I'm no expert on anything but i think it'd work.

    I for one am not ready/willing to fork out another ~500 for a new console. Also considering that they only released the slim console last year I think that we'll be waiting until at least next year before they announce anthing.

    not willing to fork out $500 either when have a perfectly good 360 Elite. $300-$350 and I may make an exception.

    I doubt we will see anything until 2014. Sony and Microsoft are going to announce anything until the new Unreal Engine is out, which is slated for 2014.

    I believe a new console is way over due. Compared to a high spec pc, the current consoles are way behind where we should be at, and while that is good for the average Joe who doesn't want to spend more that $300 on a new console, the rest of us are sick of looking at outdated blocky shitty graphics.

      Protip: If you're not happy with the current console hardware, buy a PC. I'm willing to bet that the next generation of hardwarwe isn't going to be all that impressive either.

        I have a pc and it gets a lot more attention than my consoles.

    Oh cmon! how long is this gen meant to last?! I want something new. I'm sick of this gen as its never ending supply of sequels. Its time to move on already! This is why this gen is one of the worst, its like a long movie with no sign of finishing.

    Forget comparing graphics of consoles to the PC master race. The question is do we need a new console and aside from a leap in graphics we don't.

      And for those gamers that don't wont to set up a bulky PC in their lounge room? What about those that don't want to have to think about installations, drivers, hardware conflicts, expensive upgrades?.. ie those that just want to chuck a disc in and play.

      PC master race? PC master bates more like it.

    I think there's still a bit of life left in the current gen - especially with the PS3. I don't think that console has been maxed out yet, and with the price point still around $300 for the 160gb there's still room for the price to drop before a new console.
    2014 sounds like the right time for a new generation, it gives another two years of optimization and is about the right development time for next-gen launch titles. Dev kits may not be in developer's offices yet, but you can be sure the big studios have a fair idea of how they're going to usher in the next generation.

    "What’s certain is that there’ll be nothing new in 2012.”

    Great. Something to look forward to.
    I couldn't give a flying fuck if the current consoles still have life left in them. It's been 7 years and we have heard nothing about the next gen. It would be nice to at least hear about what they have planned.

    Maybe if they released some information, we as the consumers could give them feedback to make their product bett... Oh wait. They don't care.

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