Well Excuse This Adorable, Tiny Princess Zelda

Zelda-loving parents with a decent amount of disposable income, why not spend some of it on this hand-knitted Princess Zelda costume, designed to fit children too young to know what a Zelda even is.

From the product description on Etsy:

Pictured is my Matilda wearing it at 9 months of age, so it will definitely fit 9-12 months. Whether you're looking for a costume for your little one for Halloween or Comic Con, this is the dress that will get the oohs and ahhs of everyone, whether they know the video game or not.

That's right. This is an "industry" now.

Baby Princess Zelda Costume [Etsy, via Fashionably Geek]


    It's funny how the lack of an apostrophe made me read that headline in a really sarcastic way… once I mentally added one it became much cuter.

    ?? it's not knitted it is crochered... Anyways while im at it knitting and crochet are a good way to improve hand and finger co-ordination, strength and reduces hand cramps on long gaming sessions. It's a skill for life and you can give the fruits of your labour to nieces, nephews or the op-shop. works for me.

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