What Are You Playing This Weekend?

All the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher Batman movies on Blu-ray: I have them. No games shall be played this weekend, my friends. No, this weekend will be spent being reminded to never rub another man's rhubarb. But never mind me. What are you playing this weekend?

Were you gifted new games over Christmas? Will you be following up on your gaming pile of shame? Or are you (still) playing Skyrim?


    Halo anniversary for me and some RAAAAGGGEEEEEE

    Hopefully SW:TOR. It's finally going to get me.

    I'll be playing "Watch Homestory Cup IV" and maybe, just maybe, I'll get around to doing my placement matches in SC2.

    I'm expecting to go 0-5 and end up in Bronze.

    Might finish New Game Plus in Bastion too. Been listening to that soundtrack far too much. Or not enough. However much I've been listening, it hasn't been the right amount.

      Obviously you steal all the awesome strategies you watch in HSCIV and apply them with precision against poor unwitting bronze opponents! Nothing can go wrong! Nothing! You will win every game!

    God those are the best batmans.. soo damn good.
    I don't care how corny it is!

    If i get a chance to play any games, i might try and finish off shadows of the damned so i can finally get on to a more serious game.

    I won't be answering another "What are you playing this weekend?" until I can respond with Diablo 3

    I bought those Batman films on blu ray, but only bought the first 3 because I refused to acknowledge that 'Batman and Robin' existed!

    Blu Rays for me too...Stars Wars Collection, LOTR extended edition and Back to the Future 1,2 and 3.
    Damn you JB Hifi and your 30% off sale!!

      I just can't bring myself t buy any of the edited star wars movies.. it just makes me angry and sad :(

        I felt the same way, but something compelled me to buy it, a force if you will.
        I was weak and gave into my needs, emotions...... the dark side

    Have to say the Tim Burtton Batmans wore good, the Joel' Scmuch' batmans wore poor.
    Will be SWTOR ortherwise Batman AC

    Terraria. I've got to find more gold ore!

    SWTOR, Alien vs Predator 2010, and possibly some Gears 3.

    I tried Alien Breed last week as part of my year long pile of shame attempt... but I can honestly say the games in my pile that are boring are not going to receive much love, the whole mentality of "You paid for it and because it's registered to Steam and you can't sell it so you should play it" is not going to work for games that are just too boring to play.

    Just about to finish of my first play through of Batman AC. After that onto either Dead Island or DoW 2: Retribution, and as always some BF3

    Trying to get my GF to play league of legends with me.... wish me luck! lol

    I've got no new games to play and no real desire to replay any thing yet. I think after the massive onslaught of games since October I'm enjoying the break a little. Can't wait for Mass Effect 3 and SSX, though. March it all begins again. :D

    Haven't decided yet. Will probably put some time into finishing Skyward Sword, then something from the pile of shame that has recently grown very large. Maybe some RAGE or Bastion.

    Without a doubt I'll be playing TOR. may throw in some Civ5.
    Saturday however i'll be watching some newbies play paintball to see if any are worth picking up for our tournament team.

    Off to Melbourne for my wife's brother's 40th. So no gaming for me, just a reminder that my own 40th is getting uncomfortably near :(

    Hopefully I'll get a chance to game this weekend, I'm thinking I'll probably end up playing Bastion/Limbo/the million other Steam indie games I grabbed recently. Maybe start Skyrim...finally :P And see if I can't polish off Halo CE if my co-op partner is free.

    Picked up Alice: Madness Returns & Shadows Of The Damned yesterday. Gonna give them a go:)

    Uncharted 3, Halo CE co-op, maybe some Skyrim...there's only so much time :-(
    Have the URGE to revisit Company of Heros too after re-watching some WW2 films the other day and visiting Normandy last year.

    Maybe play some co-op borderlands and bioshock 2 again (I loved that game)

    If I thought finishing Dark Souls would loosen its grip on me, I was dead wrong. New Game Plus beckons.

    Also, grabbed Space Muhreen from GMG for a pittance yesterday.

    All you swtor players are making me jelly...
    Anyway, I'm playing KOTOR for the first time, I'll just keep playing that.

    I'm going to try to get all of the achievements in Saints Row: the Third. If I get bored with (or accomplish) that task, I'll go back to wrapping up my playthroughs of Mass Effect 2.

    I also hope to do some Minecrafting.

    I've finally managed to get myself into playing skyrim, so some of that (I'm late to the party!), and no doubt so more bit.trip runner and maybe mass effect 2.

    Oh and pullblox! Can't get enough of that! I prefer it over every retail 3ds game so far.

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