What Are You Playing This Weekend?

As someone who generally celebrates nothing, I am still required to take part in Chinese New Year festivities. What does this require me to do? Turn up, eat the food, light some incense, and run out of there, screaming, as my family chases me down to compare my high school exam results to the other cousins. This means there will be no video games for me. How about you? What are you playing this weekend?


    Witcher 2 with a sprinkling of Metro 2033

      Ugh I still have the Witcher 2 untouched on my desk. Not enough time for all the games :(

    I'll be putting more time into Ar Tonelico II on PS2. I'm hoping to beat this one in the next. At least before XIII-2 gets released. That will probably keep me busy until I go Vita mad in Feb.

    Batman Arkham City.. I'm going to finally get 100%!

    My partner and her kids have gone camping for 3 days so i have the house to myself.

    I'm not sure what games i'll be playing this weekend but what i do know is it will be done lying back in my recliner in my boxer shorts with a beer in reach.

    Good times ahead.

    Cakesmith will be at a LAN this weekend playing games he normally has no interest in (Call of Dooty etc) while filling up his hard drives with watchable goodies.

    And Final Fantasy XIII. I must finish it before XIII-2 comes out.

    I will give you one guess.

    If you said anything but League of Legends then you clearly haven't seen my bank statements.

      You missed your support meetings aswell. God damn it faction you have a problem you cant buy the same skin twice!

      well thanks to the brainwashing of TAY i have now dedicated virtually every spare moment of this weekend to LoL as well.

      I do need to finish my furniture making efforts and go and play some golf.
      But LoL is occupying my spare thoughts.

    What bout those cool red puches Jammed full of cash for Chiense new year? I remember when I was living in HK, the other guys at school would get pretty handy amounts of cash. It was pretty cool time though, fireworks went off. Kung Hei Fat Choi. Smashin out LA Noire and Batman AC this weekend, just finished "Reffer Madness" case in LA Noire, was awsome. The gear looked chronic

    Will dig into my DLC backlog this weekend - Alan Wake and L.A. Noire mostly - then back to Dark Souls. And then, if I get tired of being slain by undead, I might slip into Arkham City and continue my hunt for the Riddler...

    Attending CNY festivities with family and friends.
    Probably no gaming this weekend. Continuing Uncharted 3 2nd playthrough will probably be the only game I want to beat if I get time.

    Happy New Year! Good luck with the running away screaming...

    Um... Ass Creed Rev is awesome, if a little flat. Maybe it's just my OCD habit of collecting everything first THEN doing the missions. Still, great game.

    I'd say Skyrim if not, but I think I'd much rather do some writing or watch the last part of the Pusher trilogy with a bottle of red :)

    For me I think it's going to be Rock Band 3! Sounds awefully exciting doesn't it?!

    Finish watching Season 3 of Friday Night Lights.

    Play, and hopefully finish, DE:HR, and likewise Defense Grid.

    Put the finishing touches on the new deck.

    Play squash.

    Play golf.

    Watching Season 14 of South Park, playing F1 2011 and GTR2.

    Skyrim again!! maybe Kingdoms of Almur Reckoning Demo to get my Mass Effect 3 items. I will also be heading down to Box Hill for Chinese New Year to eat some lamb sticks and catch up with friends.

    Ass Rev and 2K12.

    Strangely, I'm not doing anything for Chinese new year, despite the fact that my wife is chinese, which makes me half-chinese :P

    Instead I'll hopefully be playing Battlefield 3 and a bit of Just Cause 2 and Back To The Future.

    Will probably play with the Choplifter HD demo a bi t more, too, while I wait for the full game to get released over here. Anybody know when it's coming out on the AU PS store?

    Left 4 Dead 2 (Import Version) co-op with my wife ... the most fun a man could have (until I am downed by a Hunter ... then, I RAGE!!! )

    Second ps3 controller arrived during the week, so it may be time to finally try out little big planet.

    A non-gaming weekend probaby... with FF13-2, Amalur and ME3 coming up, I need to do outside-with-friends things for a few weekends before I disappear into my cave for months.

    Knocked off the Amalur demo last night and finally finished the Missing Link DLC for Deus Ex earlier this week, doing a "Factory Zero" run (I left it like 30 min from the end when Skyrim came out, and never got back to it until now. Sigh.)

    Probably concluding my metal-gear-athon with the completeion of 4. I really don't care for MGS4. Those cutscenes are absurdly long and boring. Plus it's so bizarre that a lot of cool ideas are introduced in chapter 1 (Fittingly the chapter in all the trailers) but then they steadily strip them down until you're not so much playing a game and more watching a long nonsensical movie without the MGS2 feeling that something deeper is going on.

    umm... so what's so wrong about that? eating great food, meeting up with cousins/ family. i know your trying to be dramatic but your making it sound like a chore. there is a nothing wrong with it, it just an extra new years eve that you spend with family rather than getting smashed with friends.
    Also your just reinforcing the stereotype of about asians,
    seriously just chill, exam marks really don't matter at all
    just enjoy the festivities and family and remember the good times

    P.s. you forgot about the little red packets, good to buy more "vidya gaems"

    I beleive my Xbox will be back online this weekend so
    Battlefield 3
    Alan Wake
    Saints Row The Third
    Still trying to beat that boss in Deus Ex HR...
    Also wanna try Star Trek Online...

    Power Smash and WipeOut 2048 on psvita.

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