What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend I will be mostly watching other people make games at Game Jam. As will Tracey. As will Katie Williams who is helping us out with covering the event. Myself and Katie will be in Melbourne, while Tracey is holding 'it' down in Sydney. I don't think I'll have much time for games... but what are you guys playing this weekend?

I'm still plugging away at Skyward Sword, and I'm really starting to understand the complaints about game padding. As Batguy said to me, Skyward Sword would have been an absolutely incredible 30 hour game, and I agree. I'm still massively enjoying the game, but parts of it feel like a real chore.

Anyway, I think I've ranted enough about Skyward Sword — let us know what you guys are playing below!


    I'm going to jump into Demon's Souls!

      As a newcomer to Demon's Souls myself, I hope you enjoy it as much as I am! Good luck.

      Once you're hooked, check out my ongoing series of weird Demon's Souls vignettes in TAY (relatively spoiler-free, as I take tremendous liberties with the details of the world :P) - latest one is here: http://www.kotaku.com.au/2012/01/talk-amongst-yourselves-154/comment-page-22/#comment-525841

      Umbasa, my friend. Remember that every death serves a lesson of a great import, regardless of the penalty or loss you endure. Be cautious, patient and heed the messages your comrades in arms leave inscribed on the blood-soaked grounds of Boletaria.

      Before long, you will have gotten further than Yahtzee himself (well... he only reached the first Blue Eye Knight).

    Assassins Creed Revelations. Can't remember the last time I actually did a story mission, but the Mediterranean WILL bend to my whim ;)

    Got the EB import of SWTOR during the week so that should keep me entertained for a fair while, once i've actually managed to work out which class to roll...mebby sith inquisitor, lightning & lightsabres does sound pretty cool.

    Probably finishing up the Arkham City sidemissions.

    I recently rediscovered my love of shooting zombies in the face. So some Left 4 Dead action will probably occur.

    That and Starcraft. Got a fair bit of a losing streak going in the 1v1 ladder. Going to try and keep it going. Might get some 2v2s going with a friend as well, hopefully we won't run into another Kotakuite when doing a retarded cheese build.

    Seriously, proxy 2 gate where I keep one of the gates at home? Against Terran/Terran? Good thing I don't mind losing.

      Can I play you? My record could use a few more wins ;)

        Assuming you're talking about SC2 of course and not the original...

          I guess.

          I only really started playing recently, went 4-1 in placements and ended up in Platinum. Now I'm losing constantly to high Golds and am just waiting to be dumped down to low Gold/high Silver.

          2v2 is a complete crapshoot. With one partner, we're in Plat, another is in Silver. Those aren't exactly taken seriously.

      Liked that build of yours, especially the losing part ^^
      Frankly, I find 2v2 the most enjoyable way of playing SC2, and when things get too tough I go and play on the US-servers. We are in 3v3 diamond there and I'm really not better than high silver , low gold lvl 1v1 player ;p

        At least I tried to transition out of that ridiculous build. Hence building the second gate at home, so that I could just get my core up and try to get something resembling a normal build up.

        I still blame Tikkot. He was trying out Zerg and was getting sick of being terrible with them. So he went random, got Zerg and decided to do the worst 6 pool of all time.

        He even asked me how to do it. So I told him don't make anything before your spawning pool and then make a lot of lings. Should have told him how to do an 11 pool instead. Then I could have just 4 gated.

    Still trying to reduce the Pile of Shame.

    So Dragon Age 2, then tray and finish off American McGee's Alice.

    Also Catherine. Because RAYGUN BROWN says so.

    Meeting Taybies! Playing a few games \o/ no idea what yet.
    also playing the drink lots of alcohol game if I can afford too :)

    on the non gaming front a basketball tournement as well. Maybe not though as I hurt my foot yesterday and someone stole my bball shoes last month in QLD :(

    Finishing off Homefront, than onto Saints Row The Third

    I'm going to try finish my final playthrough of Mass Effect 2 to get my Shepard how I want him for 3. Probably some Battlefield 3 also.

    I'm continuing my mourning period for the PSP. Until I receive my Vita on launch day, I'll be making my way through my back catalogue (which includes a sizeable "pile of shame" element).

    I intend to play:
    Dissidia: Final Fantasy - ridiculous subtitle - 12
    Motorstorm: Artic Edge
    Killzone: Liberation
    Pursuit Force
    and... if I make the desired amount of progress: Rayman Origins on 360. Such a great game.

      I salute you, good sir.
      PSP 4 Lyf, yo!!

      Also - pursuit force's difficulty curve is just INSANE!!! lol

        Agreed. Bigbig didn't learn anything when it came to the sequel or Motorstorm: Artic Edge. It's either suck it up or play another game lolololol

    I've been in a Banjo Kazooie moode ever since Australia Day. So that, and probably some Gears 3. Been getting my broner on fairly often this week.

    Study Study Revoltion.

    Mood - UP, down, down, down, up-up-up-up, down, left, right, right


    The gotham city impostors beta. It's OK so far.

    The setting is pretty dull, but I'm hoping the story and characters pull me through.
    Graphics were pretty okay too, I guess.
    We'll see what the gameplay is like.

      I hear the main drawcard is multiplayer.

      Cancon is on in Canberra this weekend, if you like your good ol' board game it is well worth visiting. Entrance is free and there are craploads of war games played as well.

      Is that the one where everything uses that new fangle 3D?

      Still not convinced it will catch on

      I heard it's riddled with microtransactions and is basically a pay2win game.

    Playing Skyward Sword. I just started yesterday.

    Why did no one tell me this was so good??

    Guess I'll see how I go with this padding you speak of.

      Yeah, it's padded, but in a good way. Like how get a package with bubble wrap. You're more than happy to pop all those bubbles, however long it takes you.

        I have a strong suspicion that this will be my reaction.

        In every Zelda game, my reaction is always disapointment when they end. I watch the little telltale slots in my inventory fill (with shards/medals or whatever) and my heart sinks knowing the game is on its way to ending.

    I'm having some internet issues... so SWTOR is out, Thanks Optus!.

    I keep meaning to finish Darksiders, so maybe that.
    (I'm stuck on the black throne level (the one with the portals)).

    Pokemons with Bish on the way to Canberra to play whatever Blaghs has organised for us

    I have no idea what I'll be doing this weekend, and thats a nice change :D

    Up to the last chapter in Res 5, after that gonna play the add on chapters. Lost in nightmares in particular looks sweet. Im halfway though Alice: Madness Returns, so I mite knock over a chapter or two. More challenge stages in Sonic Generations as well as some Dark Souls. I made a little progress in it recently, sucking me back in again!
    Oh yeah, gonna play The Darkness 2 demo again, was quite fun!

      The addon chapters are great. Totally different pacing.

    ..i'm playing nothing.

    Bullestorm and Gears 3... Maybe some SWTOR depending on how hot it gets in my non-AC'd computer room :(

    Loving Bulletstorm, non-stop action and degenerate humour... Bulletstorm is what DNF should have been.

    Warcraft 3 mods with mates, every time we try SC2 we just end up ranting about how much better the WC3 custom games are, so we finally just decided to re install. Dat Hero Seige!
    Also LoL.

    Neverdead, Resident Evil: Revelations and the MGS Collection all arrived in the mail today. So naturally I will spend most of my weekend working on my thesis.

      Neverdead?!? I thought that was coming out on the 16th Feb or something.

    Hopefully get some time in with Deus Ex: Human Revolution and MW3.

      Hey, Mechwarrior 3! Great to see some love for the oldies.

    I was very close to getting involved in the Game Jam in Melbourne, its a pity I didn't sign up as as you could have been covering ME. Have a great time though, and wish all the guys there luck for us :D

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